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Garage-SPIRAL menyediakan sparepart original untuk Kawasaki KSR series. Garage-SPIRAL dikenal dengan produk chamber knalpot yang mampu meningkatkan performa mesin dalam segala rentang putaran dan juga bodywork berbahan FRP yang akan memberikan kesan unik pada KSR kesayangan Anda.

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Ulasan Produk Garage-SPIRAL

MINICourse I bought it for running.
It is very good without having footpeg.
Position is also easy with the knees slightly rising.
In ksr, Upfootpeg is essential.

This time Quantity : I bought the 2nd set, purchased items in use were torn down by falling and wanted to try Short Bar of Racing Type, so I thought about buying a single item as Repair Parts, but it became troublesome and a large person I'm buying a set w w

First of all, in NORMAL, the position of Brake pedal is too high, even if you adjust Pedal down to Limit, the top of your foot enters under Pedal with your feet on footpeg, and if you do not float your feet from footpeg, Brake I can not go on, finally my legs are getting puffy and I can not bear it, I think it depends on your height (I myself 183. 5?) By setting this Mid step, you can adjust the Pedal position to the proper position and footpeg also moves upward and rearward, so you can earn a bank angle and it's two birds with one stone, it's good to be Foldable.

Although it is a Short Bar of Racing Type, there is no sense of discomfort at all by taking a ride in Sitting, it looks like NSRmini ♪ However, if you use heavily for standing I think the Touring type Long bar is better, Short will come to your feet..

In this time I tried using KURE's Seal coat in the Plating part before use for spot rust prevention, but even if it says, even though it says, although rust hardly comes out unless it can fall down and can not be scraped.

When purchasing second used KSR-1 at Motorcycle shop, we got only the Exhaust Chamber section as omake, I was riding with NORMAL's Silencer, but I was thinking that it would be such a thing well. However, Oil's jumping and clogging etc.. I was concerned and I was looking for a Silencer part only for Universal Product and found it and ordered it..
As a result, it was Large Correct, the installation was completed in about 20 minutes or so, and when I tried running, apparently I could feel that I was up in everything from Torque in the low speed region to the high rotation elongation. Probably this is the performance of the original Exhaust Chamber. I wish I had better replace it sooner (Lol)
However, since Engine is too dangery as it is as it is, I would like to strengthen Tire, Brake, etc.. About it "the difference" I was able to feel it.
Personally, I wanted to hear the treble peculiar to the Exhaust Chamber a little more, but actually it sounds a bit thick (Haha like coon than Caan) So, although it is four stars, it is Large satisfied for performance!

[Webike Monitor] It purchased as a Step of
KSR2. Although a
authentic positive one is too low, even if it is too high not much, it becomes difficult to ride.
It has just right height for it to be this Step in that respect, and is very easy to operate. The
Step itself seems to be strong with iron.

Goods arrived and it attached instantly. The
Plating has started or structure is better than the skid of the Step was also beautiful and having imagined it.
Although it has not run seriously yet, a Position also expects an angle of bank by good touch.

Since it turns around this Chamber very pleasantly and it also has a Torque as it is satisfactorily also about a low speed before the high rotation by a Chamber with the very sufficient engine performance, I think the Muffler of the highest [ this / 2 / KSR] also with the smart remains of a Design and welding by a really quality Muffler.
The victory has been won in this Race in the Race of Kansai. Since growth was different by the Straight end, it became truly quick.
It became the Potential highest by this Chamber and the carburetor of PWK28 pie!! Please try once [

[Webike Monitor] The
Racing type was purchased.
attaching -- simplicity -- it only substitutes that it is pure. Although
texture is also perfect, and since the Plastic stuck in the portion is somewhat larger than
Bar's diameter, an angle is equivalent to the bottom of a Boots. I think whether since
structure is good, it is the only Point.

Although it came until it fixed Saki's Motorcycle hard for 20 years and could run somehow, it was made the Spiral which encountered the jam of a Silencer and was found in a Net. It is O as a result of
beyond expectation. It gives up by a somewhat large kana ? grade also about sound, and is considering it as !. Moreover, it can run vigorously and is satisfactory satisfaction!!