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It included in foresight (Lo).
It has attached by DIY in a little less than 2 hours.
A price is also very reasonable and there is even an exclusive kit classified by vehicle type.
The special tool was also unnecessary when constructing as the manual.
A usage feeling is dramatically comfortable.
Since light has spread uniformly to all the corners of a lens compared with halogen, a run of a night journey completely differs in sense of security.
I think that it can be satisfied enough even if it is not 8000, since even a 6000-K bulb has quite a many blueness.
Since only the exclusive attachment manual classified by vehicle type was omitted by the sheathing removal should look at the maintenance document of a motorcycle, it showed to the motorcycle store and went to the tip.
Was it perfect when the copy of the maintenance document was also attached?

As in other people's imprints, there are problems with mounting position and structural problems, Regulator situation is a countermeasure item, but if all Seeda Coil is old, it will burn after all.
It is necessary to fundamentally fix it, but it is necessary to have it for emergency use!
I think that COSPA is not bad if you get inside Sale.

Since the overcharge from the Regulator under run can check with a LED lamp by easy mounting instruction called OK only by tying directly to a battery terminal although appearance is also simple goods, it is found useful as look before you leap.

I think that a Trouble can also be prevented if simultaneous purchase is carried out when equipping with a Lithium battery from now on since many examples which break down by an overcharge are heard if especially the Lithium battery is used. Although another voltmeter was used before
, and power dissipation has caused many Battery going up immediately, the point that this product hardly carries out power consumption is also high evaluation.

Since it was midwinter, it had equipped under the sheet. Since it was changing into the
> Lithium battery, voltage chooses
general-purpose Type which cannot become high easily. Since the
original manufacturer's product of no less than 50,000 yen is carried out, it is Good also in Cost!! When
> air temperature went up, seemingly heat dissipation was insufficient, it stopped and running
Became impossible, but when cooling without breaking, it has been used satisfactorily.

It attaches to a pure position and the problem of heat is also dissolution from now on.

By HID of a one set Set, there is neither a Harness nor a Burner nor the necessity of adding to its purchase in the future. Since the number of
Kelvins was chosen, I used 6000k. The circumference of
became bright, he can notice an obstacle now a little early, and safety increased. Since it will become blue and will be automobile inspection un-corresponding if
8000k is exceeded, it is careful there.
With [ although used for one year ] no sign of going out! It is the quality of

The Regulator of the MONSTER S2 was a vital part, and since it had not become adjusted parts, it was purchased. It moves under a Fender and is also using the
fixing position satisfactorily.

Pure Rg becomes a super-elevated temperature, melts a pure Oil catch tank (plastic), and makes it damage at the time of a Sports run, and, also in itself, it blows out, and sometimes falls plentifully impossible [ a run ]. It is pure that
photograph car-body attachment Rg has in the hand with this product.
-- -- pure -- heat
book product [ if it touches with :empty hand, to the extent that it will be burned ]: -- it is burned although a hot thing is hot -- like, since it cannot expect at all when the parts of the
electric system break. Those who do a Long touring and a Sports run may also say having it ready as a reserve.

The goods tricker here was equipped.
I think that it is attached without being difficult especially if it does looking at a description.
In the case of the tricker, he was unprocessed and it has equipped just before, but since there is almost no space of a headlight flesh side, depending on the case, processing etc. may be needed by individual specificity etc.
In addition, storage of a ballast etc. was forcibly stored to the right side cover near a frame neck.
Since only the pure bulb had ridden until now, after wearing has illuminated and large-satisfied the large area very brightly.
Although one year and a half are used, failure etc. do not have a rain run and weather-beaten, nor problems, such as dull deposits of a lens, have them, either, and it can be using them.
The price thought kana high just for a moment, when he bought it, but since it was satisfactory after - wearing especially as itself at the time of wearing, I think whether it is appropriate well.