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GBRacing merupakan produsen dan supplier ternama pelindung body motor seperti cover mesin, pelindung rangka, pelindung rantai, dan masih banyak lagi. Semua produk GBRacing sudah mendapat persetujuan dari MCRCB.

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The shape fits mostly exactly. Without the details, it is thick and heavy and firm.
However, after all the TopBrand is expensive.

Originally it is commonly used for endurance Racer, and I purchased it because I want to securely protect the engine in case of falling by any chance ...

While falling while traveling the other day, although the Pulse cover broke but did not fall off, the exterior was crumpled, but the Engine was intact.

If you did not turn on this, you could disperse Oil on the road surface, causing inconvenience to other vehicles and thinking that it might have cost more than 100,000 to repair, it is cheaper by 40,000, damage was also one out of three So it is excellent.

One dissatisfied point is that the attached Bolt is crappy. If you can get it, I would like to use OEM's long Bolt.

Cowl can not be protected, but we recommend to those who want to secure the engine more reliably than the exterior!

Race also has a proven track record, I think it's a good engine slider Parenthesis though I insist too much.
Once I slipped and fell to Right Side, this Engine Cover firmly protected me and because Engine Cover itself after Beat falls to Beauty it did not look bad.

Conformity is SV 650 / S (2003-2014) It is the predecessor MODEL of.
Because it was available cheaply, try SV 650 (2016-) I tried to fit it, but it could not be installed.
Please be careful when purchasing.

Believe in explanation that it is conformity after the 2015 year in certain Oak Stage and Quantity Engine Cover of GBRACING : I bought it with 1 Set of 3-items, but only Coutch of ClutchCase could not be installed in the 2017 model.
After that I searched for various things, but I could not find it, I gave up, the new product was added to Wa Big's Shopping "2017 conformity formula" I found out the character!
I immediately popped out.
It took days until the arrival of goods, but it arrived and installed immediately. It was perfectly conforming!

I installed it in R6 '17.
There is a sense of security with high mounting accuracy, but it was hard to understand a little of Screw's attached assignment.
I think that it can not be helped because manufacturing Cost increases by saying that it is exclusive for a car model, but as a consumer will be saved if it is a little cheaper.

I have purchased the R7 of 2017 this time, since I also have Circuit driving in view, Slideretc. I attached a GBR that was recommended for acquaintance.
Machineetc on the other side. There are also landscapes guarded firmly at Impre ... I do not want to use Large I want to take a ride off ...

By the way, since it is written that 2017 MODEL also corresponds to the goods that arrived, Large is durable even to the 2017 year-old ceremony haha

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I fell in love at first sight when I saw a picture of a vehicle equipped with this Engine Cover in the MT-09 community of a certain SNS.
I bought it full excited because I was hesitating because it was quite expensive as I bought it with full set but as I had anxiety thinking of any chance.

【How was it actually used?】
I do not want to encounter the actual use situation because things are things, but since the product actually seems to be sturdy more than I thought, it seems to protect the Engine firmly in the event of an accident or fall in the unlikely event It is making it.
It is just an impression that it seems to be completely defended depending on the situation of falls, I think that it is effective for Large if it is said that the car body slides and stops as it is, but while falling down and running Engine I think whether it is difficult to defend if I hit something.

【Mounting was difficult?】
Just remove the OEM Cap bolt with Hexagonal Wrench, cover the cover and tighten it with the included Cap bolt.
However, water leakage is inevitable when installing the Cover in the Radiator Water pump? Section. Since I have to remove Cover after removing Drain bolt once .... Because I am not confident, we only requested the PRO to install the Cover in the Water pump? Section.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
Large As it's a thing place so overtight and licking Screw Mountain is Large strange so let's manage Torque management well.
Also, I applied the Thread compound of WAKOS to the Screw mountain of Cap bolt attached afterwards to prevent crisping afterwards.
Also, although it seems to be frustrating, water leakage is inevitable in the installation of the Cover of the Radiator's water pump part, so do not forget to replenish the cooling water after installing the Cover.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Engine Cover itself is not problematic at all, but the logo portion of the paint protruded or felt that it was a complicated finish.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Since the Manual was a package, it was a place to throw it away.
I thought it was kind if the Manual was prepared on a separate sheet.

【Have you compared items?】
- Y's Gear MT-09 exclusive Side Slider
Manufacturer OEMOption There is only a sense of unity but I think that fabrication is wonderful, compared with GBRacing's Engine Cover, there are few parts that can be defended and I removed it from choices because Silver part is not very favorite.

Many cheaper ones are on sale of Guard and Cover sort of this kind, but I think that Refreshing which is unexpected to be unexpected with many achievements in Race and defense system Parts is unique to this product.
I do not want to assert too much but I am worried that it is unprotected. How do you say?