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I have long wanted to buy this product. Since the visor was constantly misting in a helmet in cold weather and warmer in the face. After the purchase, everything became as it should: the glass does not sweat, the face does not freeze in cold weather, and it also reduces the amount of dirt in the road. I recommend to all. Thank you.

Although it reviewed before, it is addition, if it is XL 1200 C SPORTSTER 1200 's Exhaust pipe it is twice at 15 m and if it is FLSTC HERITAGE SOFTAIL CLASSIC it will be one limit at once.

I think that performance is good, but it is easy to unravel. It is recommended to harden the front and rear edges with a heat resistant paint.

I do not need to wear it in water, but as the fiber dances, I think that it can be attached to water once.

It is flexible compared to cheap Vantage, and there is no need to attach it to water. I should wear gloves, but I do not feel tingling at all.

For the XL 1200 C SPORTSTER 1200, it is 15 m in length and there are two Exhaust Systems in total! There is no information on the net in Net!.

He thought that he would roll a Muffler vantage since a Pants touches and melts into an Exhaust, and it was searching. Since it was a color which is not seen to
etc., this was used.
Although this Muffler vantage was the work which inserts in working gloves, it did not become not much itchy. doing
wearing of -- it is -- although -- the temperature of the Exhaust part fell considerably. Although it is hot truly in touching empty-handed (*'д`*),
and a beam color are great. It was good to use this although the thing different from a Vantage like an ordinary bandage was looked for.