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Genuine parts_TRIUMPH

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About two years ago 9. Purchased at 5K (Webike) I bought it as a reward for the ease of use of Body that I did. Compared to the price of Body, there is a sense of overcrowding, but the quality of painting is also good and I am satisfied. As for mounting precautions, open a 3 mm hole as instructed when opening a hole in Body, Screw is Tapping (I dig into the material of Body) Because it is Screw of Type, you will get trouble even if you make Large or Small rather than instructions. Also, if you apply a protective material of Porlmate type before wearing it on Body, it will be hard to have sunburn after you remove Cover. By the way, it was a pleasant miscalculation that the color of Titanium was close to the color of Silver of YAMAHA, and it looked like a pack and look like OEM.

I wanted Waterproof function and purchased it
We met guerrilla heavy rain this summer but without inundation into the interior
I am satisfied with the Waterproof function


I used it as a basic Holster bag
As other people are written, Belt threaded part got frayed and eventually it broke down

Since all the loads are applied to the Belt threaded portion on the structure, what. I think that it will be useless if there is no reinforcement

Although I was uneasy to install, I was able to attach firmly well, but I used it for a while, but I am satisfied with no floating.

Waterproof Specification so I bought this product. I think that there is no problem with prevention. Wallet and Small things come in as it is and it is useful. As a result of about 10 days of use, fraying occurred in the mounting part of the Band. I do not know whether it is a defect peculiar to the purchased product or a defect of the product itself, but it seems that there is a problem in durability. It is very disappointing.

I purchased thought to use the same Box by two units. There is no problem in Base itself, but I thought that the set of exclusive use for mounting was also Set. I thought of what to do, but gold items made by us (Even though it can be bought at Home center) Did. I did not have anything, but I thought that it was still better if the gold utensils were also Set.

Purchase SH-45 to feel unity with Motorcycle. BOX Body 10 K yen against Cover 4 K yen is only for appearance Whether individual value sense (Liking) It feels expensive though it depends. Purchasing lost GIVI E470 without painting 20K yen White 26K yen It is actually cheap for Cover cost 6K and 4K Shad is actually cheap, but Body is too cheap than that.
Body In the concave shape of the groove to fit this Cover on the outside of the ceiling, it felt like Design to complete with Cover.
Cover wants to paint exterior on a hard PVC white base, I feel it is pretty and beautiful.
(White color is slightly expensive so it may be different in other colors? I do not understand well)
There is something that seems like a pedestal inside the Body inside the installation (4 photos) , Drill with a drill of Φ 3 and stop with the attached Tapping screw. In the installation Instruction Manual, I instructed to cover Cover and hit Drill as it is, but since I do not want to get a hole in Cover, I opened a hole first with BOXSingle Body and worked, but there was no particular problem.
Instruction Manual is translated only in Europe 6 countries (Please do not enter here, but I think that is not particularly troubling.
* English Version is not E and GB - - It is not even UK - - Maybe I first saw the explanation of the Greece language - -

Do not buy Base just got lost!
We will fix Base using this Kit.
If only Base is broken this Parts is unnecessary,
I thought that it would be unnecessary to sell it if it would be sold by Set if possible.

It can not be installed with this product alone.
We also need Bracket and Bolt's Set to fix this Base.
I thought that I do not have to get lost if I sell it by Set anyway.
The item itself is satisfied well!