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Some Ripro products have a sweetness in quality, and if possible, I do not want to use it much, but in the case of Parts where OEM Product is out of print, there is no choice but to rely on Ripro products. In the case of overseas products, we may encounter products that are not accurate and can not be installed unless processed. So this time, the most important thing when choosing Screen is quality. Since ACRYPOINT's products are made in Japan, it was as expected quality. I think that the price is affordable.

I got lost as cheap overseas made, but again I trust JAPAN
I chose.
The shape is not fashionable with Stages, but faithfully at that time's atmosphere
In the reproduced shape, there is almost no distortion when viewed through the screen.
Hexagon Stainless bolt for installation and RubberMount are also included, and there was no Gap of the mounting hole, it was possible to install on Smooth.
At first I installed with the included Stainless bolt, but I felt something wrong with Bolt's Stainless Steel color, so I installed it with Bolt only OEM.
Overall, I am satisfied with Large, but the only point I care about is - -.
It is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Cowl and Screen near co-Air duct
There was a gap of about 5 millimeters between.
Watashi's vehicle is a used car, standing in the past etc etc etc etc. so
Some Cowl shift etc etc. There may be, so it can not be helped
I think.

Installation is Hexagonal Wrench one, Bolt 6 ten times to remove and replace only 10 minutes work.
The shape is comparatively close to NORMAL, especially I do not feel like changing Large, but 3Centimeter It has become longer As the wind that is indeed running is changing the flow seems to make the high speed running a little easier.

It is more smoke-sensitive than I thought, and although I see Black CROSS in the picture, visibility is not so bad.
It is not easy to see somewhat at night, but it does not mean I can not see it.
It was worth replacing it with a feeling that it looked tightened.

There is transparency and I think that thickness is also solid. After
is which this transparency has?

since a wind is equivalent to the lower part of a Helmet and it is very hard to run it even if it carries out in the inner middle whose angle adjustment is possible at the time of a highway run (it is satisfactory if an angle is formed most, but it is not good in fine sight), a pure Screen is pure -- the windshield effect was expected and this article that a 20-mm overall length was longer was purchased.
attachment is dramatically easy only by removing six Screws which have stopped the pure Screen and attaching this article. Although the vehicle type which had ridden before also exchanged Screens, a hole did not suit and troubles were suffered, but this article has a hole exactly and it has attached it satisfactorily. Although the color of the
Screen is a gray Smoke, it is well with the color of a car body, and it is pleasing. Moreover, the Screen was effective in the Meters which were hard to see at the time of fine weather, and the another attached screen of the Navigation having hidden with the sufficient degree from direct sunlight, and having become legible by the favor which is a Gray.
Although it was the most expected windshield effect, it compared pure and was an improvement of a some grade. Since the upper part is not drawing the curve and the Screen is not necessarily extended top 20 mm even if die length is extended 20 mm, there is no method. Even if it carries out after [
attachment ] high speed operation, he gets the jitters under run, there is no sound, and there is no problem. The
windshield effect is used being pleasing, although it was restrictive.