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GILD design

GILD design unggul dalam memproduksi aksesoris motor berlapis duralumin seperti case iPhone hingga kotak kartu nama dengan desain yang cantik. Produk GILD design adalah pilihan kado yang tepat untuk penggemar sepeda motor!

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Since it was originally off riding, MT-09 "Yamaha's SUPER MOTARD!" I interpret it without permission. That hanging in Tail "Subsequent car intercept missile?" I managed to manage a huge Large Fender that seems to be able to say that I wanted to make it a clear Tail like an off-car, I was searching for it.
Condition is as short as possible Compact. I have a key cover. ?lightweight. I narrowed down the candidates and decided on this product.
Key cover is diverted to OEM Product, but we have to cut part in accordance with Length of Base frame. In the unlikely event we thought about returning to NORMAL, we got a new key cover OEMParts and assembled it. (851 yen for 4 parts! Cheap!)
The assembling work itself is simple, but taking the Side cover Both Sides, paying off the Normal fender, removing the Blinker and diverting it ... ..., the process is troublesome (The same process is necessary for other Manufacturer items, too). Because the License Plate and the base plate hit and Chatter sound appeared to be going out, I bought a thin Rubber sheet and it is caught in between.
Short, compact and light! (Owner 09, please take NORMAL's Rear Fender once and take it with you. I guess you think it is hard to think)

I am very satisfied..

Buy Green Light according to smartphone's frame. I'm a favorite with a good color. It does not get out properly, it can not escape easily, since it plays the role of Plug, it is functionally OK. Just Material : I know that Aluminum is, but Cospa is not good.

GILD design finally released collaborating products with various animations etc. finally collaborated with LOVELIVE.

It is designed to represent each Character, but it is quite Simple but there is a presence.

Size is smaller than I thought but the making is very elaborate.
The surface is also very smooth, and the Illustration part is also firmly printed.

I usually wear under the iPhone so it is not conspicuous usually, but maybe it is better to see it when I do it.

It was somewhat dissatisfied that it took more than one month to arrive at hand after ordering.
Well, things can not be helped only for things - - -.

For Evangelion fans, it's an irresistible dish!
This is the Earphone jack of WILLE which was the theme of the new theatrical version EvangelionQ which has been steadily increasing recently.

In terms of material it is Large enough to put on the index finger, and how to wear it points only to Earphone jack!

Detail with a luxurious sharpening feeling and logo of elaborately written WILLE intrigue!
In terms of performance - - - Well, since it is honest Earphone jack, I do not write it other than this - - -

One thing I thought was disappointing is that the accuracy of Rubber's O-ring for fixing was somewhat bad.
When inserting into Jack, the O-ring will stretch out.