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Enrichens 5-7k rpm, dyno proven with o2 sensor, without bike runs too lean in this area to be safe, for the price highly recommended, installation is kinda difficult, follow their diagram

What I felt first in my hands "heavy!" was.
It was disappointing because it was also expected to be lightweight because it was a SlimAluminum silencer.
By the way, the weight is 580 g per 1 pc and it is heavier than made by other companies.
Anyway, since the construction is solid, it may be considered that you wanted the damage at the time of falling to be the smallest limit..

Aluminum for the outer cylinder, Material : Stainless Steel is.
However, since Punching metal gaps inside, frustration remains in making details.

OEM Parts NumberWater pumpGEAR was out of stock and it was difficult to repair,
T2 Racing T2RACING Water pumpGEAR / Shaft 【T2 Racing VERTEX series】 There was, so we were able to repair, very helpful. I would also like to wish to produce such products.

If you are an NSROwner you guys you know but I will revive the low and medium speed Torque lost by RCValve's fully open adjustment! Because I am a high revolution diversity type myself, I do not mind becoming a bit somewhat peaking with full open adjustment However, when actually installing ... Also when low and medium speed turns to Torque fully Turning to Smooth from bottom to top ♪ enjoyment increases dramatically ♪ Completely full adjustment of RCValve is very troublesome, maintenance inexperience For a perfect fully open adjustment it is essential to remove the Exhaust Chamber and ValveCheck from the exhaust port side and it is impossible to fully demonstrate the performance of this product unless this is done Please be careful! Please do not overdo the Wire!