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GILES TOURING pertama kali didirikan tahun 2000 di Jerman dan telah memproduksi aksesoris dengan proses machining CNC seperti rearset, stang, dan masih banyak lagi. Produk GILLES TOURING sangat terkenal terutama di Eropa karena memiliki desain, fungsi, dan kualitas tinggi.

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We installed in 17 year model R6. The attachment part of the Bar End of R6 was adhered with Rubber, so it was Large strange to remove. Drill was used in Impact to drill and remove it. The instruction manual explained how to deal with the installation part of Bar End with a photo, so it was kind.
The image and structure of the installation part of the Lever Guard are different Spec. It might have been a change.
There was no GILLES TOOLING Sticker yet. Although it may be only merely not included in myself, it is troublesome as to inquiries....

I changed to Filler cap of Gills to change my mood.
Since four kinds of Ring comes, I will strike my favorite Color with Plastic hammer and mount it (So ??you can not exchange Color).
Like ordinary Oil Filler Cap, install O-ring in the cap side's mouth.
The tool uses 10 mm hexWrench.
The appearance is pretty good, but the price is slightly higher Neck.

It is this Nut that I recently found on GillesTooling Parts.
64Material : Since there are several types of Size on Titanium, Rear axle (24mm) And Pivot shaft (18mm) I purchased two of them.
Design is similar to the one of Pro-bolt that I had been using until now, but it's better to have a Lock Function.
When you tighten Screw with HEX key, Material : Plastic Parts will lock into Shaft's Thread.
Steering head Stem Nut Size Titanium (28mm) There is no, so here I chose Gold Aluminum.
I like this kind of GillesTooling Mick (≧ ∇ ≦)

I bought newly because I had bent so far due to falls.
The finish is wonderful, but I think that there are too many meat punches. It's a weighty Parts so I am a bit worried before using it.
It is also a little doubt that Bolt is a dish Bolt to Frame. If it is normal it will be Cap bolt.
So I'm planning to make Titanium Bolt with a little Large Head part for Frame attached Bolt on One-off.
The essential footpeg part is a great anti-slip process, it seems FirmlyHold the bottom of Boots.
However, we made the following modifications.
- Foot brake bar too short (Better than KTM) So I gave you 5 mm of color to lengthen it
- Change bar diverts RubberPedal from previous footpeg because it slips on just Aluminum's Pipe
- Because Shift rod is too long, change Arm of Engine side in reverse direction, change Color of half Length (It became Reverse Shift f ^ _ ^;
Overall viewing is tough, but details (Especially around Bolt) It is a crazy building.
Especially when stepping on FootBrake the Plate with the Master cylinder is deflected.
I do not think it is a very GillesTooling product, but if the Germans made it well, perhaps Large would be durable with this ...
By the way, the photograph of the site of home country is posted as Sample for CBR, and design is completely different from the actual one for Yamaha. I found out by querying Active. Europe seems to cause a bit of confusion.

This GillesTooling's VarioBar raises the installation position of the bar with Option Option ExtensionKit (60 / 70 / 80 / 100), so I bought this kit together with 80 mm.
It is about 50 mm down from OEM's Pipe Handlebar and narrowing down is about 10 degrees, but because the position is raised with Extension, the full width has become wide by about 20 mm at One Side.
Since it may not go through the vehicle inspection if it keeps like this it may be bad if you bar the bar itself or shorten Bar End.
Since Throttle and Lever are all exchanged for Other Company Product, they are not in the OEM state, but the Inner cowl has cut to the extent that Lever does not interfere.
Handlebar Lock also adjusts hang angle at the Limit angle taken in OEM state.
The diaphragm angle is the extent that Clank is widened outwards to the greatest Large and Finally Tank and Handlebar do not interfere.
This is one step closer to STREETFIGHTER!

CBR1000RR 2016 (Without ABS) I am using it.

I was thinking about BabyFace and TSR etc, but I chose this from cheap price, Design, Simple structure etc..

Install with Type without Brake switch using ACTIVE's Pressure switch.

Color line nap is only Silver and Black, but I thought how about shiny black on the body of Matte Black, though, I bought Silver, : / / www. koh-ken. jp / koukendenka / ) And Anodized to Titanium blue.

Cutting is also beautiful and polite, Anodized also beautifully hangs beautifully finished.

Installation is easy, Manufacturer like 16 years is not fitted out, but it was unprocessed pon attachment. Just move Fluid Tank up so you have to remove Tank from Bracket and Fluid Supply etc etc. I can not do it..

Although it is a feeling of use, although I am slightly dissatisfied with the distance of Shift Pedal and the Largeness of ShiftStroke, I think that it can be said to be a personal preference category. Regarding ShiftStroke, exchanging Spearical Bearing for less play and installing SpindleSupport may be improved, so it is under consideration.
Shift Pedal's Pedal bar is not Rubber or resin but Material : I also like the smoothness of Aluminum. Brake side is a firm deep Knurl.

I want the position of the footpeg a little behind, but I also knew that I knew (Positionally you may like BabyFace or TSR ...) I do not mind, the deep sharp Knurl of Footpeg Bar, exquisite protrusion amount, high torsional rigidity, easy to control the car body, Cornering is very comfortable.

It's an OEM Shape, not a complex structure, so it's very easy to install.
Compared to OEM's Rubber Footpeg, the information on the road surface is
I can feel it firmly in the sole of the foot.

◦ 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Since HPParts of BMWOEM is GILLES TOOLING, I tried it all together

◦ 【How was it actually used?】 There is a variety of opinions that there is no meaning in STREET! However, for stand-up use w, it is only good to not be defeated - - -

◦ 【Mounting was difficult?】 Pull out Bolt and change it !!

◦ 【Please tell me the installation point and hang】 It's a fairly thick Bolt so I have to check Torque firmly - - - Engine's Bolt hole gets screw threaded

◦ [Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Since 15 years MODEL use did not come out at that time, it is diverted for ~ 12 years.
I was afraid that I was ahead of him, but I wanted to put it on car deliveries

◦ 【Have you compared items?】 I wonder if Ms. Babyface was also good