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Although it is perfect for everything, it may be a bit long ~? Although it may be cut, but (~ ^ ^ ;;
It is the most disappointing that I can not see Red code.

I did not agree a little with SIDE Ka Bar mount. But since it stopped at Bolt, it was gone. The bulge of the Side cover becomes Large more than NORMAL. I am anxious to hit your feet when I drew my feet.. I did not care about ETCCard etc in Touring etc.. There was something different in the installation Bracket, but we had it corresponded. It was the XL 1200 R 08 year, but if the year is different, Bracket is different so please check the year.

I changed the Plug to integrated type, so I bought it.
I thought that Cap is long and has handles so it is easy to detach it ... but the contact part inside the cap broke in about a year and a half. It seems that it was broken by Gold genus exhaustion due to its thinness with Aluminum ?.. It will not be a problem if it keeps on using it, but it is unsuitable for those who desorb frequently.

CBR250RR (MC22) I bought a for.
The combination will be AS Wotani Full powerKit instead of STDCoil.

As a criterion chosen first

(1) Code 7 mm, Plug cap is OEM Shape.
(2) Low resistance.
(3) High durability.

Based on.

First, (1) From.
There are many other manufacturers such as NGK and splitfire, but the plug cap is OEM Shape - - - Actually there are only Nagai electrons.

As an advantage with OEM Shape, because Waterproof has superior dustproof performance because it has a different lid from tubular shape only.
The disadvantage is that the weight of the lid increases and the mounting process will be more than the tubular shape.

(2) There is a tendency that Manufacturer of Large body is lower resistance than OEM, but since it is already sold as Exclusive Design as added value, there is crimping of terminal, but there is nothing to measure by measuring Length (All four cord lengths are different) , It can be pointed out that you can get through with yourself.

(3) Although it is durable, it has only to gather other information, but the resistance value does not change for 10 years. We adopted the schedule that the degree of deterioration is different from other Manufacturer, such as Review.

By the way, when unused, the resistance value is in order of cylinder

No. 0. 962 KΩ
No. 2. 001KΩ
3rd 1. 007 KΩ
4th. 003 KΩ

And the longest one is why the lowest value for some reason ...

As Demerit, when attaching to CBR 250 RR, it is necessary to attach Terminal nut when using Screw Type Plug. (It is attached to contents. )
Also, it seems that the code is slightly long. I think that it is good to process it short on its own.

Finally, this will be Review for webike, but since there was only one product image and it was difficult to understand, I will give you an image. Please refer.

Frequently, Left Side Plug replaces Plug cord as CUB Remiss Fire also appeared. In addition, we chose UltraPlug cord of the terminal Cap use type so that we can use Windshield IRIDIUM CrimpType which we previously mistook ordered. It is said that Windshield IRIDIUM is not suitable for 2nd in the streets though it seems to be good conduction moodly because it fits with Snap, unlike Screw type ... I like that! Because I am a consumable item, Cost is expensive ... Racing I also want to try the plug ♪

Since I was able to confirm the leak from the Plug cord, I ordered MAJOR Ultra in the world of the four wheels anyway. The color of Plug cord is Red - You can choose either Gray. It was about 1 week for Production to order, but it arrived 4 days later.
It will take time to replace Plug cord immediately.
Ignition coil Remove the part which is the Screw part at the root, remove the cord, insert the new Plug cord deeply, just complete the Screw part and complete. In this case to note that the length is different for each Cylinder, because selecting the Plug cord together with the OEM and the positional relationship between each Cylinder and the Ignition coil are fixed, add the Cylinder number to the code mounting part of the Ignition coil Write etc. Devices are necessary so as not to make a mistake.
In the case of ZXR 400, it is necessary to install the Brass terminal attached to the Plug Cord Set to the Plug.
I think that it will not be a reference for comparison with the deteriorated Plug cord, but the engine start from Cranking got a little faster and Idling also stabilized.

I attached it to '89 FZr 1000 using Obon vacation.
Because it is Motorcycle 27 years ago indeed, Plug cap has deteriorated as expected,
I was boldly replaced.. Because it just replaces the code of NORMAL, it was easy to exchange it in about an hour with Sun Machine like me. Because the code is quite long, I cut it according to NORMAL. It is a singing phrase with 2 to 3hpPower up, but it certainly felt like a little Torque up. I think the pickup is getting better as well. Unfortunately there are only two choices for Color, Red and Gray. Well Frame and Cowl can not see from the outside at all (Lol).

After using this Plug cord, the look changed.
The atmosphere of the Motorcycle currently edited considerably came out.
attachment is only substituted for an easy and pure Plug cord. also former more well there is no engine performance, and also bad there is nothing -- although it is the said touch, there is no mistake in the goods which can do relief.