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Received the parcel, 3 weeks on the road. The goods are very well packaged. Very high quality carrier. All seams welded very neatly made by MIG welding, perfectly polished, all sizes match. Thank you Tokyodo!

I installed it in C50 SUPER CUB. Somewhat processing is not a problem at all. Usability is good!
In a sense world best - SUPER CUB, the strongest Tourer (It should not be an overstatement) It is a necessity item!

Vietnam Carrier is surprisingly luxurious and satisfied.
New loading place is increased and it is convenient for shopping.
I am worried about rusting in the future, but I would like to maintain Maintenance frequently.

Long distance from commuting town (About 100 to 300 kilometers) I am on the CUB.
Last summer I spent at Seat in NORMAL, but because my breathability is not at all, my butt became Bichobicho.
But if you turn on this product you will find the street of the wind. It is not enough to completely cool your butt,
I think that discomfort will diminish.
Just by going to Convenience, Seat will get hot in the daytime, but thanks to Cover it will not get too hot.
There is no disadvantage of a drawback, but if you say it is strong, you can not feel the flow of the wind at low speed. It's cool when you are running but it's hot if you stop at the traffic lights.
Although it is Fitting, I am clumsy because my way of attachment is clumsy, but it will be Exactly if you taste good.

At AA 01 CUB or more

I was uneasy until the product arrived, but it was okay making it quite sturdy. Easy to install, tightly settled down. After that, I would like to have a box.

I bought SUPER CUB 90 so that we can go to MINITORING with two people..
It is hard to understand in the photograph, but the bottom of the top box is this time Rear Carrier.
Although I am not in W Seat, since it is attached by tightening as OEM's Rear Carrier, it seats 2 people in the form of attaching Pillion Seat.
I am able to install it in about 15 minutes even for amateur myself. I am glad I bought it.

Previously, I used Inner Rack made by OS, but storage was not good for Size.

This MINIBasket was MINI beyond my imagination, but there is a depth, so you can easily throw in Gloves without having to push in.

Manufacturer I missed the product, I waited for about a month,
It was worth the wait
Product making is also good,
There is also an Instruction Manual, the installation is easy to understand
Even amateur me was installed in about 20 minutes
I think that BALI is not conspicuous when drilling the Leg shield from the outside, inside, to dance
Storage is also affordable, Plastic bottle, Gloves is included