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Ulasan Produk GOODRIDGE

Since CRM's own brake was weak, it purchased.
Attachment was also easy in it being unexpected, and it attached it immediately.
When the back could do, I wanted you to also attach a brake fluid.

good ridge : The universal brake hose for GOODRIDGE buildaline off-road motard models,
Product number : MB31580S, wide use / for off-road motard models,
hose overall-length: -- 1610 mm (banjo adapter contain : about 1650 mm) raw material: -- stainless mesh + stainless hose coating color: -- smoked KAWASAKI brand-name parts --
D-TRACKER X front brake disc and product number:41080-0154-11i The product made from K&T,
08 D-TRACKER X std front disk attachment support for ~07 D-TRACKER/KLX250,
Product-number (180930) yamaha: YAMAHA brake fluid BF-4 100cc, product number:907933802500 (DOT4/BF-4) standard practice Capacity: 100-cc

An aluminum mesh is beautiful and very pleasing.
It is not so expensive and is a recommend!

Since the hose of normal had branched by front fender side, and the exhaust air omission was bad, they were exchanged here.
Although normal was not bad, either, probably because exhaust air escaped from the touch itself thoroughly, it became more sharp touch.
Touch with many dead strokes currently felt by the normal master cylinder also disappears.
The banjo by the side of a caliper and an upper caliper mount bolt interfere in a problem, and a bolt does not escape from it.
It interferes also in a socket wrench and does not enter straight.
Although left-hand side is cancelable by attaching a hose after only a few has shaken outside, since right-hand side has a stopper, unless a stopper is shaved, it is unsolvable.
Those who remove a caliper by the pad or a tire change frequently need a caliper adapter and the device which induces space to the circumference of a bolt using an elbow etc. 45 degrees.

Fitting is the highest by the design only for a vehicle type.
Texture is also very best.

The direct feel rose.

stainless smoke (910 mm and 510mm for Rr brakes) is used for Fr -- a good place -- the kind of : and a size, or parts -- Toyotomi and bad place:- especially -- nothing impressions - in addition to this

I bought it by car model, but with OEMHose and shape ? Different lengths and dimensions are not at all. Hose is likely to break when attaching forcibly and because the Hose length is too long longer than the proper dimension, the peripheral portion interferes with Hose when the RearSwing Arm goes up and down, so it is scary as it approaches the Mud Guard and Exhaust System, especially Brake rotor.
I have done more than \ 9000, but I do not feel like using it. Things like gold discarded in the dob. Eventually we ordered Swageline's dimensions with other mail order sites.