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Well packaged and easy to fit to my bike. The chrome finish is top quality and looks as good and the other factory chrome pieces

My light box wire is damage, so I cut that and ember this terminal, now the light box is repaired and can be use. It is good condition and perfect.

Установил комплект прорезиненных подставок для ног на Yamaha YB-1 Four.Из-за того,что резьба на подставках М10*1,25,а на маятнике М12*1,25,пришлось использовать переходные втулки-адаптеры.В сложенном состоянии подножки имеют небольшой люфт. I installed a set of rubberized footrests on the Yamaha YB-1 Four. Because the thread on the M10 * 1.25 stands, and on the M12 * 1.25 pendulum, I had to use adapter sleeves. backlash(translated by Google Translator)

I think that it will be possible if there is about 10 minutes from unpacking to installation.
I think the mounting accuracy is very normal.
Gasket is not necessary as others say it.
I think that it is good for people who do not want to collapse NORMAL's Style to Large.
Sound quality has a unique sense of tokkoko, satisfaction with changing Exhaust System is Large.
Engine also runs from low rotation to high rotation without Stress.
I think Torque has felt a bit since it is still OK.
The volume is still large compared to NORMAL.
In the residential area I may feel a bit noisy.
I will look back on my part even in the city.
I am also thinking of End Baffle.

I was concerned that the volume was a little Large and I thought that I could recommend it as a whole.

I use this for install the wire of the lamp since the original lamp is not using this type of socket. Now the lamp is perfectly fit for the socket and can be used without any problem. Good !

? Off tail lamp is turned into LED by cutting off well on off-road
? Easy to install, light intensity is usually a little darker than the valve (About 20% reduction?) Is it acceptable?.

? It is a good choice whether to reduce the risk of ball depletion in off-road running, the gentleness to the battery with reduced power consumption.

I bought this because the reputation of Bance & Hines OEMSilencer is not so good. It is 90 db, but it seems to be a bit louder. In our neighborhood is Limit permitted.

Great tire! Gnarly! Everything was ok. Shipping went fine! I will order parts again. Everything went like i expected..!