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This GoPro [GoPro OEM Parts] Handlebar/Seat Post/ Pole Mount (Ver2.0) quality is good. It fits my GoPro HERO 5 Black so well.

Parts of the installation part of GOPRO HERO 3 I used was damaged, so ,,,
It is nice to be able to buy Repair Parts, and it seems that Rubber's Spacer is attached and it has been improved since then..

I purchased it because I can not use the external Microphone without this. When Moto blog is created, it is very convenient if there is this because there is no sound-based shooting editing work.

When I went to the touring, I always took a camera and took pictures of my friends and motorcycles, but recently I tried to take a video even though I was not satisfied with photos and thought I was going to take a video camera Results GOPRO 5 session is small and attached to the helmet Even though I purchased it as a good idea to attach it to a motorcycle. After arrival of goods, if you look at the instructions immediately, you do not have Japanese instructions. I thought that it was deceived by Japan though it was deceived, so what do you do very much! After finding the Japanese version on the homepage of GOOPSRO on a personal computer somehow finally arriving, I connected by Bluetooth of the mobile phone in the fumbling state and ran to video shooting. I took a bike immediately and started shooting, but it has 4 K in the middle shot. It is beautiful when shooting with this, but I want to see battery drain quickly. The things I noticed with using the battery several times are battery built-in type and use time is about 90 minutes. This was a bit frustrating.. The size is 40 mm square and it is convenient to carry and it does not get in the way. I still can not grasp the whole thing, but I think that touring will be taken with animation and I will gradually remember editing etc.. It was a bit burdensome at the age of 62. (One д ⊂)

There are many OEM and ThirdParty goods, but the things outlined by Large are those with Nut fitted.
Since here Screw is cut directly to Body, it is not a situation that Nut is lost and it is unusable even when it is inconvenient - - I bought it for the reason. (Because it keeps attaching)

When using it, the width of the Slit part is too wide and it is necessary to tighten it quite strongly...

As attaching / detaching / attaching place of Camera is moved, when not using Included Parts : It is convenient because it can also be put together together.
I think that you can make Large even once more as yourself.
I think that the Sponge inside is able to store efficiently because it is made to glue it finely into 10 mm square.
I noticed it later, but please note that the outermost Sponge is connected and cut off, the inside Sponge will move.
It may be good to fix with adhesive.

Battery is Quantity : 2pc. It will be helpful to charge at the same time.

GoPro 's Option will do anything good so I will not say it.

It seems that charging is only from the USB port.

Purchase to install on GT-Air.

Base mount (Song) Search for places where R matches.

It was nice right over the place, but since R does not fit and I do not have a heart, it is so close to Right jaw

Decided on the most adhered surface.

Camera will be just as high as your eyes.

Just at this position Helmet's Balance collapses, so that it is uncomfortable until you get used to it

Camera orientation (not only height, but Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) If you do not match well)

It will become an image that was always running sideways when I watched the video later.