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If you change from OEMMASTER to Horizontal Type separate body or Radial, you can connect without changing Hose and it will be saved. I changed it to Semi-radial and wanted to use OEMHose as it was so I bought it. Since the material is Aluminum, I wanted it if it had a durable Stainless Steel Type. Also, Banjo bolt on the MASTER side is not attached and because the Banjo part is 8 mm thick OEMBanjo (Thickness 10 mm) Can not use Thin Type Banjo

When attaching Pressure switch to Rear brake, it was necessary to miss Hose and there was no other similar purchase.
Function and quality are satisfactory, but that should be that.
It is a good price for me.

There are plenty of makeup screws, but dare to chose a country that has few examples in Net. cool. However, as a dissatisfaction point, I'm dissatisfied that Screw is rather short, and Nut is not attached. As for Length in particular, I am a country that has some Harley's exclusive items, so I wanted you to consider it a bit more.

Double-sided tape may be peeled off during use, but it has been used for several months after switching to 3M Double-sided Tape, but there is no problem. Comfortable to use.

I bought it because I want to use OEMHose for Brembo radial master. I think that it is good to increase the installation width if there are several kinds of Length.
However, since such Parts are not other, I think that it is worthwhile parts.

When changing from OEM's horizontal MASTER to Radial brake master, using this adapter you can use NORMAL's Brake hose as it is.

Screw Pitch 1. 25, so it is common with Brake Banjo bolt of domestic Motorcycle.

Bolt 1 pc price is reasonable, but I think that it is cheap shopping, considering the trouble of changing Brake hose or changing Banjo adapter.

I used it to change the extraction of Hose from under the radiapon.
Since Bolt pitch was not mentioned and it was not possible to install a hydraulic type Switch, we made it as two stars.
I am sorry for making details.
I chose this because I did not have any other choice but it's a bit expensive and there is a problem with Cost performance.

[Webike Monitor] It set about [
> ], and although the day was still shallow, since the thumb was not able to reach a Blinker switch, it purchased.
> attachment is very easy and only attachment. Double-stick tape was also attached.

It uses, the thumb comes to arrive simply and it becomes easy to take out a Blinker.