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Bracket does not work, Bolt is awful because it is different from that of Instruction Manual. Please do not want to use it again so please be careful. Gagga gagggggggggggg gagggggggggggg gagggggggg ggg gg

Oil leakage of Front fork for the first time in ninth year. SFK is the best Seal and I tried using it. I do not know the performance difference. Just feeling of security and superiority of Green Light is a consideration.

I have replace SKF fork seal for my CB400sf and it much better than the OEM. With it low friction design the fork move smoothly and even though it still remain good sealed from dust from outside and oil leak from inside. Highly recommended. Best

OEMSilencer of NUDA 900 R reached about 23,000? And the welding bow broke and replaced..
Installation was easy and it was attached in around 15 minutes. Cover of OEM's Carbon is attached as it is.
Baffle also has two entrances and exits of Silencer. Both removable. It is a little noisy if you remove both.
I do not know what to use Bolt comes with (Lol)
Also firmly packed, two Silencer and two intermediate Pipe G. P. Did you come with a special bag of R?
It is not so expensive for the Large external model Exhaust System.

Fell in love with shape, Design, buy without considering otherwise.
Although it is an oversea item, making is good.
Light titanium Titanium.
Muffler comes with removable Inner Cone and End Baffle.
With or without Inner Cone the volume does not change much.
End Baffle is somewhat quiet, Snap Ring Fliers can be removed.
Even with both types of volume, the volume is different from the Large Yu class, JMCA objects.
Sound quality and omission are good so high rotation feels pleasant.
Since there is no Stopper, Center Stand can not be used, I decided to let Stopper attached to OVERExhaust System be handed over.

High-performance suspension Oil seal's synonym is SKF, but the suspension has leaked Oil so I tried replacing it with a trial.

As a result, even if it is SKF, it has leaked out.
"Plating if it is not possible with SKF" I knew that it was being told, so we put out for plating quietly. Rose yourself and send it, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) At about 16000 yen. It will be cheaper than buying Seal of SKF.

The sliding resistance is not different from ordinary Seal separately.
"Just plugging in and unplugging!" I did not feel like something.

I came back from re Plating and made it to Ori seal of ariete, but it is performing well. Dust Seal is not included but it is cheap.

Oil leakage etc. It may be better if you replace it as Custom, but if Oil leaks and it is leaking even if you replace it with a new one, "If you can not do with SKF" Before telling you to say SKF and re Plating it may be less cheap later.

Probably the person who bought the chores will do the suspension also themselves, so the time and labor are the same, and if you leave it to Shop, I think that we will not lose even if we consider wage costs and other factors.

At least for me it was 8000 yen light blue RubberRing.

Used for CB 400 SB. All parts are NORMAL.
The low resistance of Seal is wonderful, and you can realize the lightness even when assembled.
With the feeling of traveling, the movement of Fork became easier to understand.
Dust Seal cracked in less than a year. Oil Although there was no leakage, it was returned to OEM at the occasion of reconstruction.
If it can be changed frequently, it is not a cheap one, too much I can not recommend it if I think about it.
If you want performance, you can definitely recommend it.

Although it is also the Impre of the other person, the bleeding became more to OEMSeal.
However, since it is customary to clean Small Priorly, it does not matter, if left untreated, it may become a muddy.
As for Friction, unlike OEM at the time of driving, it is light (Enough to think that it does not need Slide hammer) , Friction in Single Item before Fluid was added also drastically decreased.

Perhaps it is also effective for the ride (Overhaul can not affirm assertion because there are many changes ...)

The dissatisfaction point is about price.
Probably OEM same etc. Durability can not be hoped and the price is nearly doubled ... Small I think that it is for people who overhaul seriously.