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Devices to install PlasticBumper are necessary. Hole positions do not match as it is.
The included Screws rust soon.

Although it overturned several times violently after installation, there is no deformation, no rotation.

Although it is somewhat expensive, you can recommend it for people who place importance on strength.

The advantage of this product is that it does not affect Handling because it is light weight.
Even if you fall, it will not break so easily,
It is enough to Guard Stepping Stones and Bush etc.
Since it will not break, I think that Cost performance is high as it can be used for a long time.
Since the wind damping effect is not large, it is better not to expect such effects.

Mounting on KTM 690SMC-R.
Buy Taper type for Taper Handlebar.
The installation itself is relatively easy if there is a Maintenance tool.
Although it must be installed to avoid Brake and Clutch hose,
As a mounting position is generally good.
Because it does not fit exactly for Other Company Product,
There is a need to firmly fix it.
To mention the inadequacies, the pasting of the Stickers was slightly gapped and felt sloppy.
Once peeled off and pasted again, only there is a little disappointing.
Just about appearance and performance can be recommended Recommendation!

First of all, a thick sticker has been affixed
It is good, but the adhesion is bad and I have floated from the beginning and I wanted you to stick it there. It was floating until the end. Lol

Because it is not a Type that moves oppositely even if it falls with Open Type, it may be unavoidable, but my RaceClamp section was damaged, only that part was being replaced. Advanced users who can not roll is fine, but it is slightly expensive for beginners.

Designetc. I liked it so this evaluation.

CRF250M (2017 year Standard state) I bought it for the purpose of installing with Kit of this product only.

But I understood the problem before installation work.

[Mounting problem]
- I set it close to HandlebarCenter, Clamp for Center Reach Mount at a position where it seems to be proper, tentatively attached Frame and try to match Bolt hole, it is several cm away and it does not reach.

- StandardHandlebar of CRF 250M is several cm longer than that of general off-road car.

- By moving Clamp from the proper position to the outside from the center of the Handlebar, the position gets close but the angle through which Bolt passes is inappropriate and can not be installed practically.

[Method for Avoiding the Problem]
1. Change the Handlebar to that of the general Length and take the original mounting method of the product.

2. Attach to mount to be fastened together with Fork Cramp, such as CYCRATriple clamp or ZETAHand Guard MountFront type.

Because I was not willing to install until replacing Handlebar, we added Fork Mounting hastily with 2 ZETA products.

- Confirm that the position and angle of Bolt hole of Frame of this product can be adjusted with Front type of ZETA's Fork Mounting.

- Although Handlebar End fixed Bolt of this product Frame was to have a slight angle to Bar End, within the allowable range.

- Because there was a slight step between ZETAMount and this product Frame, just in case, we tried tightening after inserting 3 mm of Rubber sheet.

- In CRF 250 MS tandard state this product Frame can be mounted by separately selling ZETAHand Guard MountFront type together.

Although it was possible to install by using other company 's products and using Fork Cramp fixed, it was possible to install it without avoiding the original Cable of this product, and even if rotation occurs when falling it said that it will not damage Cable I did not make use of the advantage. (The appearance may be changed)

Before installation, it is necessary to confirm in advance whether the shape and length of the Handlebar are general.

If you really want to install CRF 250M Handlebar as it is, you need to purchase FrameSingle Body instead of Frame kit and Triple clamp or ZETAHand Guard MountFront type of CYCRA.

By changing the exterior of KTM to White, I changed the color of Hand guard as well.
This hand guard is firm, I think that White wire which is peculiar to Plastic will not come out even if it bends. Although the original Guard gets a value, once you bought it, after that you can easily change the Color and it is also Recommendation because diversion to other car models will also work. I think that it is a product that falls within the category of goods. White color also feels good coloring has come out!

Stealth's Clamp used before was easier to loose, but after changing to CYCRA this time it fell more than 10 times but there are few loosening slacks. Processing details are also polite and Large strange.

I installed it in Simpson's Mesh jacket. Since it is the same Brand item, it was able to install without problems. It is better to have Protector for any chance.