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I did not have any Impression, so I posted it because I got lost my purchase.
2004 formula carburetorSpec. I attached it to E Type with KICK and it took about 2 weeks, so I took a GW and so it was my impression that I ran about 1000 km.
I usually use it for commuting and I also get on high speed.

For those looking for Triumph muffler for ST250 of reasonable volume I think that it is a product that can be Recommendation.

- sound
Inquire about the volume beforehand, from the manufacturer "We meet the regulation value, but it is larger than OEM than Large" I got an answer to that effect.
As the impression I used, I heard that the volume is larger than the OEM, but I think that it is exactly good volume that I can also use for commuting personally.
Large It may be unsatisfactory for those who want to attach an Exhaust System of low volume.
I want the sound quality to sound a bit more like a single cylinder, but I felt it was satisfactory given the Engine Displacement Volume and the volume.

- Power performance
The omission improved, obviously the growth at high speed improved. I do not feel TorqueDown at the beginning, so I am very happy.

- attachment
The installation itself is very easy and the accuracy is also good.
However, the product page is very confusing, the most discontented point.
Webike's Page has LINK to purchase Gasket, but OEM's Joint gasket will not be attached.
(It is written properly in the Instruction Manual bundled with the product)
It is 2 choices whether to fill in liquid Gasket or to install with Slip-on Silencer as it is.
I installed it without a liquid Gasket, but there is no exhaust leakage so far. However, I think that there is hang at the position where Clamp is tightened.

- appearance
I felt that the initial finish was fine and beautiful.
However, since it will inevitably burn up the part that is subject to heat, maintenance is necessary.
I have already burned the joint part with Exhaust pipe.

Because the model was different from what is displayed on the compatible model
We did not match what we ordered after inquiring to Big and checking compliance. It's the worst. I wasted us waiting half a year.

There are only two required O-rings for cooling water passages used between Cylinder and Head..
Other than that, there are no bad points, but let's collect when you collect at OEM with OEM.

Because there is not one impulse, for reference.
I have not installed it yet.
It is 110CC's bore UPKit. Because I did not have Instruction Manual, I got to know the item arrived w
Bore diameter 54. 5? (Vernier calipers measurement made by Digital)
Screw Ton Pin 12 Φ
There is a semicircular cutout at the lower part of the air intake side of Piston, improving intermediate Torque.
Cylinder is the Material : Lightly with Aluminum, Single port (chord length 36. 5?) - It's a port high 24?.
Although BALI stands out, it is a Level that can be solved with simple processing.
Rectangular Direct port on inlet side (7×14?) Is open, the pillar is slightly thick and it is about 7?.
Gaskets are all siblings, Base (0. 5?) Made from Seat without adhesion. Head(0. 8?) Made from rigid Seat.

Pin 12 Φ was a disappointing point because the Single port is nearly impossible to expand.
I am looking forward to real running because it is not installed yet, but please note that there are some troublesome points for installing to the late MODEL, such as extending Piston to 13 Φ!

that's all

For your reference w

Purchased for CT110EngineOH.
Since all necessary Gasket is complete, there is no need to investigate ProductNo part one by one, and purchase was saved with easy trip.
Quality is also as good as OEM Product Can be used without problems.
I think the amount of gold is appropriate if I consider the contents.