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GROOVE menjual koleksi dompet stud dengan konsep perpaduan antara dunia motor dan musik. Dompet stud GROOVE dibuat khusus oleh para ahli berpengalaman yang sangat memperhatikan setiap detail.

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Although I fell down several times, there is no problem in terms of performance. If you run Circuit, I think it is a necessity.. However, since the Length was not enough, I used the supplied Bolt instead of OEM's Bolt, but when I closed it with the prescribed Torque, Bolt was threaded out. Since I can not use it, I purchased and installed Bolt at Home center.

Normal muffler (K5) Exchange from. The DASH force at the moment of Start slightly decreased ,,, the middle speed range did not change, only at the time of going to high speed I finally felt a little feeling of missing.

It was a fact that I wrote that the middle speed of ADDRESS V 125 G improved by Impression immediately after purchase. After installing
It took about 5 months and removed the Exhaust System when replacing Rear tire. When purchasing, I thought that the mounting position of the Exhaust System was higher than NORMAL, so I thought that it was not necessary to remove it when changing the Rear tire, but it was found that the Tire was caught and eventually the Exhaust System had to be removed. Desorption is easy compared with Normal muffler. However, whether the heat resistant paint was thin, Rust was everywhere. Immediately rustproofed. Sorry about this point, changed to 3 stars.

Attachment will be OKed if there is skill which is a grade whose tire replacement is possible by itself. (Almost Pons attachment)
texture is good. It is recommendation to the direction which thinks appearance as important!

[Webike Monitor] On the occasion of NEW tire replacement, foil purchase was carried out for the purpose of the Dress-up up with
axle part strengthening. Since the foil of this MODEL was before purchased by the vehicle type of the exception and a Design, tone, etc. were pleasing, as a result of examining other MODELs, this Type was purchased too. When foil was changed, the Images of the car body were a remarkable change result and purchase Satoru Taisho.

When it fell, before NSR50 heard that it is easy to ground a caliper and fell, it was purchased and attached.
It is effective, the fall by the side of the caliper of 2 times can also shave this product, and a caliper body is unhurt.
Weight is also light, and since bolting torque is also looser, cautions are required.

Since the budget settled to some extent was made, wheels were exchanged drastically.
Unlike the thing in character with pure Yasu, it can be truly satisfied.
Although weight probably increased, it is hardly worried to a run.
Silver and black contrast are good touch.
I think that I will also carry out axle part more custom.

Although it was wavering by wheel selection, appearance was decided with the wheel here by serious consideration after all! Although there were a thing cheap otherwise, various things from which a form is different, etc., it was this, when others are used custom and the balance was considered.
Although some exchange was delayed, since the tire change was also parallel, it was seldom pain.
After exchange turned around from touch that it is not conspicuous when pure, and changed into what is very asserted!! It is already exhausted at a word of large satisfaction.
I also want you to use very much.