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GROW ONE menyediakan berbagai parts motor seperti fairing, knalpot, stang, hingga perlengkapan kelistrikan motor yang dibuat khusus untuk skutik semacam MAJESTY dan FUSION hingga street bike macam TW225.

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The brake disc is very beautiful, the shape is very good, the disc is also very weight, very satisfied with a shopping trip. Because it is the original parking space installation, take back the direct installation, calipers are sensitive, the installation work is adjusted completely quiet, the braking effect is very good, the floating feeling is much better than the original one, there is no feeling of braking weakness, in short, the performance of the car has improved a lot, but also more value.

Well machined, great BUT the black anodizing faded to a Bronze color within three months! Terrible if the sun can do this to what supposedly, in view of the price is a premium part. I had to paint them it was so obvious.

Unlike Japan's top brand products, there is no manual, Screw attached is also wrong or relatively bad products, but the amount of stick out from the car body is also sufficient and it seems that it can be used as an engine slider so far, when SlipDown with Circuit Also without folding exterior etc etc. I was protecting.
However, since it is composed of all aluminum parts, including the cone part, depending on how to overturn, Damage to the Engine is easy.
When installing, we will add the necessary Screw and correct the thickness mistakes of Color and Spacer with Washer etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. Although it was devised, it is cheap to think that the Slider of the top Brand is about 3 times this price (Lol)
Anodized Color is very beautiful, and Dress-up effect is outstanding.

Point is about to expire, selected by mandatory Webik purchase

Foldable and adjustable Lever length, obviously Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Quantity of : 1 Set of 2pcs.

No problem with mounting

Color is Metallic is strong

ll order more often for sure. thanks a lotgreat products. i love this place. just wish more was in stock when ordering. thanks

ll order more often for sure. thanks a lotgreat products. i love this place. just wish more was in stock when ordering. thanks

I thought that the Slip-on Silencer I wanted so far would cost a lot Where this was on the new product list. Even if it says anything, the price is cheaper compared to other companies' products, so it looks good-looking so purchase.
When the item reached and checked the attached Parts, Baffle was not attached (!?) So I added an order for Baffle from Two brothers later. It seems that nothing has been thought about silencing. For installation, I referred to the blog that attached the Ninja 250 R Exhaust System to Ninja 250. As expected, liquid Gas is essential because it can hardly be said that the connecting part fits tightly when compared with OEM. It is reasonable that the volume is set to Baffle. With low rotation, the bass sounds a little more, as soon as I start running, the Rider can not hear it because I can not understand the rotation sound of the Engine. I think that it is quite noisy if it is not Baffle. Regarding performance, there is nothing special that can be reviewed because it is an amateur.
Although it is written long in the notice column of the product, I think that there is perseverance to actually devise and process various oneself. Would not be better if you do not like those who buy it.
I thought that certain Manufacturer's Logo would suit you so I ordered the sticker separately and stuck it. I am very satisfied with the appearance.

Although it is a plain packaging, the product can be manufactured as a Sokosokoi.

There are slight BALI in the cutout section, but if installed it will not bother MAXAM, which was originally low in car height.

However, although there is no problem with the product, Yamaha's Brake disc Bolt has difficulty in removing every time. Other Manufacturer easily loosens with Boy when it covers with Choi but Yamaha is not at all - - - Quantity : 2pc Hexagon socket licked, scraped off the Bolt head with every disc and pinched it with ViseClip and removed it.

OEMBolt does not forget to order together.