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GSG MOTOTECHNIK merupakan produsen asal Jerman yang memproduksi sparepart menggunakan mesin CNC. GSG MOTOTECHNIK menyediakan cover kopling transparan, frame slider dan sistem pengereman.

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Since the parenthesis of necessaries and appearance is also good for a circuit run, it is Good!

Since relief and appearance are also smart now, it is large satisfaction.
They are the necessaries of a circuit run.

In appearance, Motorcycle 's Frame is Black color so there is no sense of incongruity at all, and the fact that there are several Screws to pinch in Frame makes me feel beautiful rather than shape. Installation, tools etc.. I thought that it was impossible for amateurs, I asked a friend of mine Motorcycle shop. Instruction Manual seems to have had trouble because of foreign languages ??and said that work was also removed from Cowl.
My body type (Height 163 cm) So, if Pants with Protector of the knee interfere somewhat, it is not enough to be an obstacle. It's been a year since wearing it, but I have not used it yet because I have not used it yet, so I do not know how much we can coat the Damage of the car body, but since there is a Type sandwiched between Frames, I am concerned about the strength. I think that the price is imported and it is fine made as it is a fine construction, but it is still unchanged although it is high.

Although it was also used in ZZr 1100, Side cowl heard that Manufacturer stock wipe out, and it hurried up.

1100 decomposed the Side cowl, but in the case of 1200, since Bolt to remove is full,
You can install it as it is. (About 10 minutes per one in One Side. )

Although it is in Parts that I do not want to be active so much, but the degree of peace of mind is different if attached.

Accel to appearance to ZZr 1100 D and purchase for protection during falling. Installation, Slider Assembly is easy, but when removing Cowl is troublesome, when attaching a joint fastening Bolt of Frame, the original Bolt is stuck and it was a bit tricky. Fixed to Frame with Bolt and U character Clamp and form Slider Body.
Slider Assembly explanation is attached, but there is no installation explanation.

Mirror and Pannier can not be defended, but it seems quite useful when you stand up.
Cowl seems to be a perfect Cover.
It makes me feel easy.
I will protect you (^o^) /

Previously, since I got scratches on AxelShaft when I fell down I bought it.
Although the goods were good as expected,
The size of the Nut to tighten is 11 mm and there is no BOX Wrench
Additional costs were incurred for tool purchase.

Although the SLIDER50 of LSL was attached, since it spoiled in the accident, this product was purchased.If it is the

generator Clutch-cover protection purpose, the direction of LSL thinks that it is good in fixing position. -- however, it has attached together with the Frame slider of a lady Bird -- I come out and think that the effect of Cover protection would become equivalent.