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Guard Lock

Guard Lock Co., Ltd. adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam produksi alat anti maling untuk keamanan ekstra motor Anda. Gembok anti maling Guard Lock dirancang dengan teknologi mutakhir, desain apik dan performa yang baik.

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Ulasan Produk Guard Lock

I can not compare because I do not have any other tools, but even if I did it by the procedure of the Instruction Manual as before for the first time I could change the chain without any problems. Incidentally it is Size of 520.
Price is not too high, I think that it tends to be broken immediately because it tends to be low-priced items I think that I am very good at Cost performance.

I used it for Chain exchange of KTM 125 Duke.

It is good to be able to press-in from Chain break, Crimp on this one.
I think that it will be able to be surely done the first if you look at Instruction Manual.
Actually I was also the first Chain exchange this time, but it is already 10,000 kilometers running in Chain after the exchange, but there is not any problem. (That means you made it well)

Speaking of the only thing to watch out for is whether you are checking to see if it meets Chain size of your Motorcycle before purchasing.

It is a tool that can do so much unnecessarily.

However, Chain exchange itself is not so frequent work, so CostPuff romance had to be lowered considering that.
This is not due to the product, rather it is due to Chain and Sprocket. (Lol)

It is not possible to work with low precision and insufficient strength Body.
I use Cut bolt at Chain cut, but as Cut bolt comes in contact with Chain, it is because the tip of Cut bolt is swinging originally, or if it narrows down, it becomes oblique and you can not punch Pin.
It was not usable at all, wasting time and effort.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
- Because evaluation on Net was superior to Cost performance.
- Since each Parts to be composed was able to purchase singly in After.
【How was it actually used?】
I was satisfied with Large because I was unfamiliar with Chain replacement work and I was able to complete the work without fail.
I thought that it takes time and effort because it is necessary to rearrange Parts for each work such as Chain cut and Plate press fitting, but I thought that it was suitable for working reliably one by one.
【Mounting was difficult?】
Handling Instruction Manual is polite, so I think that handling itself is not difficult if working according to its contents. Just thought that both unnecessary carefulness and both carefulness are needed for unfamiliar work such as press-in of Chain's plate. But I think this is not the fault of the tool but the problem of the difficulty of the work itself.
【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
As Net stated that everyone was struggling with Pin's Crimp, I thought that it was somewhat easy to do so, but I felt that Plate press fitting was the most difficult personally. It may be a characteristic of this tool, but tool and Plate can not be set well at Plate press fitting, and I set it over again and again. Ultimately, one of the Pin was pressed in slightly and the other was not chewed, but once the tool was removed and the Plate position was adjusted with Pliers, restarting the press would not cause Gap I was able to press fit. Rather, Pin 's Crimp gradually removes the tool in Crimp, gradually measures Pin's Size with Vernier calipers and advances it, Quantity : I was able to crimp with 2pc as well.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I have never used this Chain tool, so there is no disappointment. Overall satisfaction is high.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
As the handling Instruction Manual is cardboard of Package, it can not be put in a bag when you keep it. If you print on ordinary paper and put it between cardboard of Package, I think that it is convenient to store it in a bag.
【Have you compared items?】
DID's Chain Cut & Crimp tool
I think that I can use it better from the second time, so it was good to purchase this product.

Purchase in order to do Chain exchange by press fitting.

advantage :
- With this one, Cut, Plate press fitting, Crimp can be three roles
- Because it is structurally high rigidity, it is easy to understand the tightening of Bolt at the time of Crimp (It is an important point as it becomes a Joint exchange eventually after Crimp past it is understood.)
- Since it is unnecessary to set two Pin positions at the time of Crimp once, workability is high and PinCrimp can be made uniform

Improvement points :
- There is a storage bag, but the backing of the Instruction Manual (Three fold) Since it can not be stored, the advantage of the bag is low
- It has an auxiliary Handlebar, but its usage is hard to understand
- Parts required separately for Plate press fitting for Clip joint

General review : The tool of this hand seems to be lacking in rigidity when it is cheap, so there is anxiety. Also, there are separate applications such as Cut and Set. High stiffness, being able to Crimp 2 places
Point is high.

Size It can be used for two of the differences Large changeable satisfaction. It is necessary to use a little accustomed to use, but if you work calmly and calmly, even an amateur can do Level. Since it can use from SmallEngine Displacement Volume to LargeEngine Displacement Volume, acquaintances were also pleased.

There are various kinds of Stem, but there are two reasons for choosing Sculpture.
First, the mounting angle of Design, Meter is also good

Secondly, it is possible to use Handlebar Lock of OEM Shape.
Your favorite Design and Handlebar Lock There was only this Stem Kit available.

However. It was a pity we had to cut the Plate of Frame for OEM Handlebar Lock during installation.

Can not be used for 630 Size. It will be appreciated if you write in the product information a bit more detail. The product itself is firmly made compared to other products.