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MGS330S (Plating spring) To SuperCUB 110 (JA07) Use to.
It is about Washer to prepare.
Since installation interferes as it is, Chain case
Heat it a few millimeters dented.
DAX (Weight of car 70 kg) Because it is for CUB, it is heavy + 20 kg
In the case of one-passenger it is within the adjustment range of 5 stages Pre-road.
If you often get more luggage, Spring only
Reinforced Spring (30% UP @ Mukawa) You can change to.
It is possible to adjust the damping force in three steps, but it is still used properly
I am trying now without understanding well.
The ride comfort compared to OEM, Boyon Boyon gone,
Shakijaki reaction on unevenness of road surface - I feel like absorbing.

Although it was not the recommended installation model, the Spring rate is too low, so when trying to ride a two-seat, Tire got attached to Fender.
In the setting of recommended mounting model, neither Tandem : O Even a good car model ...
Although I thought that it was KYB because I chose it, YSS suspension was better at all.

【Caution】 Rear suspension is Quantity : For 2pc you need to buy two
I used it for GN125-2F
It can be used as it is by using attached attachment diameter adjustment Ring
However, if you do not adjust Chain's tension, it will interfere with Center Stand immediately
I think that it was wonderful that the shake during high speed running was reduced and the acceleration performance was improved
Especially realizing is uphill. In OEM, the slope that I could not climb without dropping the GEAR
You can now climb as it is

Although red and a purple Two-tone color thought that they were good by the picture, it did not seem to be good in Sense by the flume paralysis and rope touch which are actually seen. It turns out clearly that Sas is changed and it is often heard a degree of comfort is ? how from
, however others. Appearance is satisfactory in the meaning of getting people to get interested.
Although it is an important degree of comfort, when one step is hardened, it is slightly harder than a NORMAL, and it has ridden slowly, and is just right touch.
When one more step is hardened, subduction by a Corner is also thought to be a Well and is very good touch. When exceeding the level difference of some in a straight line, pressure from below comes with Gatun, but effectiveness of the Oil damper after it is rather good. Although SG235 had been used in the past, there is also no hardness to there and I think that he is easy-to-use Sas.

It is an impression which a Spring rate says with a MONKEY is a Normal swing arm with past [ quantity ]. There is memory which was able to run the
Normal suspension fast.
Although this Sas was the cheapest category, it must be said in 2000 those days that it is high now.

Since pure Sas of 95ZEAL had fallen out, it exchanged.
One of the reasons for selection of mine which I regard as appearance being good for the direction which the admiration which the touch which floated did not carry out but was attached hates was this.
In ZEAL which attenuation can adjust in five steps, the maximum weakness is also enough (at the time of weight entrainment of 78 K).
In bolt-on, attachment will also be impossible, once it does not remove Sas, when [ that therefore carries out attenuation control ] processing needlessness, however right-hand side not being attached, unless it uses rear surface reverse, in order that the level difference of an attaching part may interfere in a frame.
The necessity of merely adjusting according to scene for attenuation sufficient also by the maximum weakness as the point was not felt at all.
I think that it will be remarkable high CP if it thinks by pure replace since a price is also 23000 place in cheap.
If high-quality [ of appearance ] and OH are also considered, KGS325 of a high order is better (TGS325 cannot OH).