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GULL CRAFT mengembangkan produk fairing dan bodywork secara terperinci hingga bagian yang paling kecil, seperti sekrup. GULL CRAFT bertekad untuk menciptakan model cafe racer yang tidak hanya bergaya retro tapi juga neo klasik untuk model motor CB1300SF, SR400, W650, dan Z900RS Anda.

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纠结了很久很久,一直在考虑GULL CRAFT这款风挡,在ins,脸书看到SC65改装这款导流罩。刚好前不久webike这款风挡特价,haha。。真的很实惠!!! 特别感谢webike!包装特别好,没有任何破损!!!nice!!!购买前一直担心会出意外,担心运输过程导致破损。。。还好包装完好无损!!! 因我买的是白色,所以我打算定制喜欢的颜色,FPR材质感觉很强硬,质量非常满意!!! 建议购买对芯车型,因为我是根据CB1100 SC65车型购买的!!! Tangled for a long time, has been considering the GULL CRAFT this windshield, in the ins, Facebook to see the SC65 modified this shroud. Just before the webike this windshield specials, haha. . Really affordable! ! ! Special thanks to webike! The packaging is particularly good, without any damage! ! ! Nice! ! ! Before buying, I was worried that there would be an accident and I was worried that the transportation process would cause damage. . . Fortunately, the packaging is intact! ! ! Because I bought white, I plan to customize the color I like. The FPR material feels very tough and the quality is very satisfying! ! ! It is recommended to buy a counter-core model because I purchased it according to the CB1100 SC65 model! ! !(translated by Google Translator)

Net search results various results determined.
It was this Cowl that meets ZEPHYR.

Textured paint is Large satisfied.
Rowing feeling rises with Cowl.
I just can not expect windproof effect
The appearance's Parenthesis goodness is Number one.

There were also other Impre, but problems with two point tightening installation?
Cowl itself is heavy, so I think firmly fixing is necessary.
Hexagon Screw and Washer installation,
Purchase Washer for loose prevention at Home center
I installed it further.

Tighten to such an extent that the mounting part will not break
Sometimes I would like to check Screw's loose check.

It was Cowl attached to the purchased CB 400 SF from the beginning.
I think the quality of Cowl is very good.
Fitting also ◎
Just because Cowl's fixation is two points stop
I also feel like I'd better keep three points.

well had this on bike for the summer season,easy to fit,you dont need instructions, just to bolts, all you do it take off the headlight bolts and replace with the ones with faring,getting it to mach mybike was bit hard due to the type of paint but its close,clooks good on the bike, good wind protection, slight vibration, but i did not fit the rubber seal that came with it, so will try this next year,if you want hats 70,s look this is th eone for you, mind the extra £80 import tax in the uk to add

right part two now painted and fitted fitting was easy,take out tow bolts holdin gon headlight, replace with the two bolts supplied, as easy as that, delivery was very fast,mind your import taxtes to your country so tak that in to account,but dam looks good once on bike, and already i have had lots of comments and questions as to where i go it,so if your looking for that 70,s retro look,then look no further than this super bit of kit

was sent this compnay link from kawasaki zephyr owners uk, found this one to be the best looking, placed order,posted 25th dec and was delivered 4th january, very good service, the faring its self is light, comes standared in white so will be easy job when it comes to getting it mached to my bike,screen already fitted, dark tint,only fault was the fitting kit was missing,there was a small bag but it was open at both ends so the parts might have fallen out, just wating on them getting back to me, but cant fault the item its self, it is very hard to find faring for the zephyr,so will look good once it is fitted,this wont be till march, if allowed i will re post photos of fin artical fitted to my bike