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GYRO menawarkan beragam bodywork untuk DUCATI, BUELL, TRIUMPH dan masih banyak lagi. Spakbor carbon GYRO melindungi body motor Anda sekaligus membuat tampilannya menjadi semakin mewah.

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When removing the AGUSTAF - 4 SPRTank, the quick coupling often breaks and the delivery date of the OEM Product is long
The price will cost 14000 yen.
Those who exchanged for Gold Genus Coupling upgraded feeling of security when considering removing the next Tank.
It is the same as Manufacturer of OEM Product, so it is safe for quality but when installing, OEM Product Material : Plastic cracks and breaks
Because there is a high possibility, it is better to purchase Seal Ring for fuel Pump together!
Seal Ring is the same as ducati996 (1660 yen) AGUSTAOEM Product Includes Fuel Hose 16000 Yen Seal Ring
It does not sell by itself.
Also, it is better for Hose Band to be replaced at the same time for security.. Since the Hose Band of OEM Product is easy to come off
At Home center Material : We recommend purchasing and exchanging Stainless Steel's Hose Band.
OEM of Material : Plastic does not need Seal tape, but when attaching this Gold genus Coupling, be sure to have Seal tape
Please wind it, as fuel will leak!

Found the carbon to be of good quality but very poorly moulded. Bolted up to the swingarm the fender sits at an angle when viewed from behind. The belt guard section of the fender was especially deformed which I think is the main cause for the rest of the fender distortion. If it was just a case of minor issues I wouldn\'t be worried but as it is I will not be using this fender on my bike. Very unhappy with the quality and will not buy this brand again

It is the exclusive elegance adopted as brand-name parts. If it turns the
plug and whenever [ 90 ], it will be closed firmly.
It is very convenient.

As for this, a Parenthesis is good although it is completely a Dress-up parts!! It looks quite at an expensive price by
texture or a Buell Logo.
Although it is completely self-satisfied, he buys it and I think that it was good.