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Radiator racing dari H2O Performance mengadopsi teknologi yang digunakan dalam kejuaraan MotoGP dan WSB. Radiator H2O Performance memiliki performa pendingin yang mumpuni dalam mencegah mesin menjadi overheating atau terlalu panas.

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KATCHOITSU!!! TSU with a feeling very best on very cool looks!!!

As early as the beginning of the year, cold waves hit the Japanese archipelago continuously.
I thought that my feet, especially my toes, would be extremely cold and become frostbite, and I came to purchase this item I was curious from a while ago.
My car body is ADDRESS V125 SLIMITED.
Grip heater and Seat heater are included in the Standard, and further hand guards are replaced with Handlebar Cover, and Front's Screen is also installed, the anti cold measures are perfect.
OK with thin gloves even in the midwinter, the hips will also warm, so will not cool down your waist.

I added a Side visor to it, and I tried to shut off the cool air at my feet.

Order → Arrive → Light! It is the first impression that this is 10,000 yen stronger.
When opening it, Material : Two Plastic Carbon Style boards. Four Spacers, four Screws and two Double-sided Tapes.
The Instruction Manual contains items of a different product (It will be a mistake) , It starts working as it will only be attached.

For installation, Quantity the original Screw behind the exterior : Pair (for Left and Right) Remove two at a time and use the attached Screw.
Bottom double-sided tape is pasted, BodyVisor firmly degreasing.
Make a temporary match and let's check carefully where you are going to attach.

If you can confirm the position, go through Visor to Screw, put Spacer in Screw Mountain, and go straight into Body Screw.
After chewing as much as two, peel off the peeling Seat of Double-sided tape and tighten Screw.
Because it is positioned arbitrarily, adhesion in good places. And final tightening.
End in about 20 minutes.

What is the effect you care about?

From the gap of about 3 cm of Handlebar Cover and Visor, the wind enters the view view and hits the knees directly.
My knee will get cold.
Maybe I can shut it out when combined with the company's Knuckle guard?

There is a windshield effect certainly under the knee, but naturally the toes will cool down when running out with a toe inadvertently running. I have to close my knee and get on..

Close and ride, the tip of the toes is cool.

On rainy days, wetting under the knees has halved.

The entrapment of air means that it has effects from knee to ankle.

The coldness of the knee is Large, but it's only good to wear Boots.
Boots If you do not have it, can you attach?

It looks like Carbon Style and it's high quality.

Screen of Front was expecting because cost-effectiveness was high by far, but it is regrettable.

Also, when removing the exterior of the whole surface, Double - sided Tape was removed every time, and the workability also deteriorated.

I thought that it is unnecessary to take a bother to put 10,000 yen more strongly.

It is only bad things but there are no Heaters, and there is not enough effect that people who can not experience Wear and Boots.

Almost, let me escape the wind that hits the body.
I am looking forward to spring and summer.. This product is perfect (^ ○ ^)
If it is less than 30 the air current will be disturbed, but if it is over 33 kilos it will not hit the body

I attached it to the w650, Green cloth pulled out while running and it was in the way, I got it. 5000 yen may be cheap! Just Shield is a resin that Pnipni, worried about strength.

Knuckle visor, which was used from the front mold LEAD in the same way,.
Easy installation, shape is also good Large changeable. Only worry about degradation of Double-sided Tape.

Some people mistakenly impressed CUB exclusive Shield on the product page of AD - 21 so that there is no misunderstanding.

AD-21 (SmokeShort Visor for ADDRESS V 125) I will write about.

For this ADDRESS V 125 【With condition】 Can also be installed in CUB, please see the picture.

【Condition 1】 M10 of M10 Standard Thread Screw is attached

[Condition 2] Adapter that converts M8Tap to M10 for Mirror above is also attached and the height is increasing

[Condition 3] Offset mirror size between Mirror with Offset mirror adapter (I am Posh Face Commercial Product No : I used 000720-06)

We realized it under the above conditions.

As Offset mirror adapter is high like stupid, it is about 16,000 including Mirror & Short Visor to do so far.

I was thinking about the windshield for CUB that was only vertical and transparent, I thought about it, I became a pillar and tried TRY and it was Large Correct !!!

It seems that the inclination is slightly asleep rather than attached to ADDRESS V 125, but looks are tightened, and cars are also satisfied as if they look like Large grade.

The only drawback is "It does not look like CUB" Is the degree getting worse and steadier? (sweat;)

* Those who will be referred to please be at your own risk.

Since it is used for commuting, I bought it with summer insect Attack and cold weather countermeasure in winter.
First of all, 175 cm tall and wind from the front is windless from upper body to Helmet. So it is AttackZero bug. Since Knuckle visor is also one, many insects are attached to the whole after nighttime running with many insects.
I am a 100 point item because I do not care about its appearance.

Installed on SUPER CUB 110 JA 10

Before this was MADMAX's 2000 yen Screen
Since this was too severe I immediately ordered this immediately
If you buy this from the beginning ...

Screen of Asahi draft shield was attached even ADDRESS V 125, DIO 110, LEAD 100
So I knew the goodness of quality so buy without hesitation

Short Visor for JA 07 and JA 10 OEMOption Length per the middle

People who are not good at Screen which is too long
Exactly to that person

The wind up around the chest is almost prevented, the sight is above the screen
If you crouch and crouch, you can enter Screen with Limit or not ... as high as the height
It's just right.

In the summer it is hot as it blocks the wind completely
However, in winter it is cold without Screen ...
Is Screen that can do both well?

Installation is easy
Parts I can see a lot of points, but nothing is difficult

Turner for OEMMirror (Normal Thread Screw attached under Mirror → Adapter of Opposite Thread Screw) Also attached, this is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) As the height is different, attention is required for that point when wearing
I did not use it because I exchange it for Mirror outside the company ...

You can install as long as 20 minutes if you do while looking at the Instruction Manual
Once you experienced with Screen, Screen was not painful and it was useless, so it was hard to have it arrived on the next day you ordered

If the longer Screen is good, it is made by Honda OEM or Endurance
As you can choose from around +2000 yen in price as well, you will like this neighborhood

The price is also reasonable and just right Length Styling and the windshield effect are personally satisfied with Large
If it's own way (173 cm and a fairly backstop) It is the feeling that the wind hits just around the center of Helmet