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It took over the United Kingdom Carling's tradition, "HAGON" suspension of beautiful design slim.?Lightweight finish even than a conventional twin shock.?There are a number of compatible models regardless of the domestic-foreign car, reasonable pricing is also attractive.

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It is hard to carry out a back check.
Cheapness [ like / for bicycles ].

It is attachment WR250X.
Since the power source and the signal line were only taken from ECU about attachment, it was comparatively easy.
now -- using it -- it is -- although -- it is better for there to be a tachometer in riding on town riding or touring too.
It is useful also for a fuel consumption run.
By its own vehicles, it has checked that idling setting out was too high.
Although [ like decoration ], it is hard to see a rotational bar display as a not quite satisfactory point.
It cannot be concluded that it is not made the angle was started considerably.
The panel of it and the surface gets damaged easily.
Although it took care and he thought that it worked, the abrasion stuck instantly.
Although it will end if it becomes severe since it seems that there are replacement parts and will exchange.

It purchased in order to hear the sound of MOTO GPS RADAR of a daytona by wireless.
although the receiver VZ-7200 of TANAX thought for the candidate - - of the product and charging battery of the maker as small size - MOTO GPS RADAR with more nearly same this one -- a price is [ this one ] cheaper

When purchasing without investigating goods exactly, and investigating after purchase, the simple was a type where a water proof fire prevention function and lining cloth are attached and which is not.
Since he is careless, it is unavoidable.
But if water proof carries out a water proof spray since in the case of a motorcycle stops, is under a carport and some wind and rain can be prevented, [ who is dependent on usage ] [ OK ]
It is visible at night, since it is taken over by especially black, it is what [ protecting a motorcycle from dust, and ] motorcycle it being, and making it not turn out to be an appearance object, the purpose of covering is hot, good for crime prevention, and if it says that it is enough, it is enough.

It is the follow-up of the revolving LED blinker of a daytona which was allowed to contribute the other day.
Although it ran the rainy day several times, it turned out that the inside of a blinker is covered with water.
although it was very pleasing since it was expensive, and was bright and visibility was also good -- this flood -- honesty -- it is regrettable.
However, I think that a situation is already seen for a while, and I will ask Mr. Manufacturer if it seems that it is not improved since it has not interfered with use yet.
It comes out and is another subject.
In attaching this LED blinker, the front position light was used using the removed pure blinker.
Since it is attached as it is if a bolt is changed to a long thing, he is easy Ching.
It is effective customization because of intrinsic improvement.

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

Although the gummed cloth tape was made cylindrical and the wire was oiled until now, after purchasing this wire injector, working efficiency went up several times.
Since it can use throughout life and 1000 yen will not be carried out once it purchases, in the often lubricated direction, it is recommended.

Tell the reason with a small, however splendid effect shelved even if it contributes how many times!