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As it is attached at the same time as Middlefootpeg, it is not an evaluation of only Handlebar, but it became clearly able to drive comfortably. Because the width is narrow and it comes to you, all operations are easy to do.
Installation was not evaluated as it was Shop.

I installed it in Street Fighter 848.
The replacement work itself is simple and easy. Since the fixing hole is also opened in advance, no additional work was necessary.
But, the position of the fixing hole on the Throttle side is not good.
The angle where the hanging angle does not have just the Handlebar (The angle at which it becomes the highest) , Accelerator Wire hits Tank when trying to fully lock to Right.

If it is set at an angle that can avoid this, it is unpleasant that it hangs with a hanging angle. STREET type Handlebar So this angle is a bit - - -
However, since there are even holes in two places, I do not want to add any more. Moreover, since it becomes close to the existing hole when opening it, the anxiety remains strengthally.

Since it can not be helped, I think I will adjust the handle stopper.

Before OEMHandlebar 3. Aperture comes out about 5 cm, the height is 3. It rose about 5 cm, so we decided to take good care of driving.

For current MONSTER this time (DEP010) Is S4R ('05) Purchase once with a pillar. (Although there was an answer that I can not use it even before listening to Manufacturer in advance - - - )

The direction of the long hole first was different. (Should I buy another 916 or 996?)

Also, the S4R has an escape of adjustment Bolt ?, there is no escape, so I made additional processing.

Horizontal hole addition work, adjustment Bolt? Escape hole processing done, and Bolt tightening, it was possible to mount once.
With self-responsibility (^ ^;

I attached it to the Doka M800S. I was wearing the same thing, because it was bent and mossed, it is an exchange. Usually you can wear without tools, without machining. The same inner diameter of the company same. It was getting bigger than the item, so the End cap does not match. I installed it somehow this time, but I will exchange it for a long time.
Personally, it would be better for a little less iris, but it would be personal preference. Position is generally good. The arrival was delayed for several days than the initial schedule, but there was contact properly. Packing is also properly done. Price, correspondence, products, all are satisfactory.

Mounting on MONSTER S2796
Since Normal handle is wide and low so much, it becomes a forward tilted posture for Naked motorcycle, and it gets tired a little if it is a long distance.
It can not be helped because it is not optimized for Japanese.

This Handlebar is a Switch boxetc. The installation position hole has also been processed, so it can be easily replaced.
There are holes for several models.

Position is optimal.
It is the same level as the domestically produced NAKED Position, and it is the height which can apply elbows to Tank even when running in Sports.

Although the height of the price is Neck, performance can be satisfied.

I did Ladder home center to do Plastic processing, but I was at a loss for not going anywhere but I was glad that I could purchase on Webike. Product price was also cheap and it was user-friendly as I thought. Just my way of using it I can do BALI on the cut surface quite well. Knife's melted plastic solidifies and it becomes BALI.
When we cut this BALI with Hot knife, BALI can be done elsewhere so only BALI eventually cut off with Cutter Knife. You may not be able to do BALI if you get better.

If it is still a Monitor
Normal handle, in order a sheet will be slippery and to move to a front to a front, it exchanged for this Handle.
seating position is likely to change from the crotch front to the hips, and a Long touring is likely to live in comfort. Since the
Bar end came on the Tank, the piece angle of the Handle also increased. There was no exchange of
Cables, and when only the Axel Wire changed management into the outside of the Front fork, it has attached. It is light although there is wall thickness 3 or more times compared with the product made from
STAINLESS STEEL. I think that it will be a very good Handle if
town riding and a Touring are made into a Main.

When a Motorcycle was purchased in medieval times, since the Clutch cover had been opened, it was dramatically noisy, and purchased for the purpose of the noise reduction. The goods were dramatically light, and as a result of equipping, it was thought that noise also became Massey very well. However, the path of the Bolt hole of the sent goods was not small, a Bolt did not enter, and it was not able to equip as it was. Were they inferior goods although extended and attached with the Drill? It was somewhat regrettable.