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HAMMER HEAD menawarkan sparepart eksklusif untuk sepeda motor off-road dan adventure. Produk-produk HAMMER HEAD dikenal memiliki durabilitas tinggi dan desain yang modern, terutama pedal operan gigi berbahan CNC machined aluminium.

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Produk Baru HammerHead

Ulasan Produk HammerHead

It is described in conformity MODEL, but Shaft diameter is totally different.
It was only form that matched.
Manufacturer like also want to check firmly.
It is rated 0 points.

Size intentionally purchased Large LL so that I can get thicker I wanted a Motorcycle Jacket of Mods Code Type, so I was satisfied with Design and cold weather but the Protector that came with it was too reliable so I used another Protector I have now Chest Protector purchased Komine 's Protector here so I will remake it so that I can remove it.

It was able to be installed in 701 of 17 years.
I think that the number of choices may increase as the price is not different from OEM.
As it took a bit of time to reach it, I think that the OEM is definite if it is in a hurry.

It seems to be warmer than I thought, but Waist feels a little loose and I think that it was better if the length was a little longer. On the whole I bought correct answer. There was cuteness in the place where I also made A little design. I want to wear it fast and run.

I do not like the appearance very much, but I bought a thing that is hard to bend.
As for thing, Anodized? Painting is very strong and can not be cut off for a bit or softly.
I did not fall over, but the operation feeling was also light and it became Direct.
Especially when wearing Boots it is quite good, entering of GEAR is easy to understand.
I do not fall over, but I know it's hard.

Although it is related to installation, because there is no Bolt's snag, if it loosens it will fall.
Also it's so hard that you can loosen it quickly even if you tighten it with a Yawai Torque like OEM.
Whether the accuracy is not good or not, it is necessary to tighten with Torque that is about to be licked by Bolt..
Although it is the first forged Lever, I did not think that it was so hard.

However, even if they are left behind, the feeling of Gear changing will be comfortably conveyed to the extent that it thinks to purchase again if it breaks.

Design Good, it's a bit heavier than other companies' Pedal, but better than OEM because it's lighter.
However, there are difficulties in the fixing method.
Shift Pedal will be tightened with Bolt after passing Shaft's Knurl-processed GizaGiza.
Bolt's hole processing position is bad.
I suspect that Pedal will not fall out even if Bolt somewhat loosened by tightening Bolt passing through a groove that is slightly smaller than the Shaft diameter between Double Knurl that was machined to Shaft I am thinking, Bolt of this product does not get into the groove.
In other words, it means that Pedal is fixed only by the tightening force of Bolt.

I do not like this fixing method.

Compared to NORMAL's martial Pedal, the texture and rigidity are significantly increased.
I made the Peg part Rubber type, but for Replacement Spare rubber was bundled. (It is a little nice service. )
I tried Shift operation across bat, but it feels good.
I would like Brake pedal of the same model to be added to Lineup.
Only good things will regret the price.

I ordered the same type of Rubber type. Ompedal of rmz is short.. I was waiting for 3 weeks because it was said that it will take the delivery date, but it will not contact even if it becomes shipping day ...
Next day I got a reply each day after doing from here.
What a Big lacked item! You understand at the time of ordering?
Moreover, the solution is a substitute item or a deletion of all products. I have not solved it.. Let's think about correspondence a little more. It is not a mail contact.
By the way, Mr. Fujino seems to exist.
I am sad only to Wee Big's Heavy user.