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HARADA SILENCERS, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Harashow, memproduksi knalpot dengan konsep performa tangguh, kualitas terbaik, dan produk buatan Jepang. Nikmati hasil pengelasan sempurna yang diproses dengan penuh pertimbangan pada knalpot produksi Harashow.

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If compared with a normal valve, redness falls out and it is whitish, but redness remains for a while.
A pale light thinks that it is good for those who are not liking.

Since Wright of the D tiger X was too dark, it exchanged here.
pure, although it is a thing of 40W -- more -- a feeling -- it was a grade of the kana which became bright.
Moreover, it considered, depended and was not white.
I think that I will make it 30/30W of a platinum spark if a ball piece is carried out.

Actually, I bought it many times, but I felt that White was special only this time.
I wonder if I bought a different one last time, I can not remember.
HID and LED are still expensive, and there are places where you have to get another gold.

Originally I was looking for an LED bulb with low power consumption, but I purchased it by mistake.
It is due to my confirmation mistake, but search within Shop "LEDFog Lamp" It was also attributed to being displayed in.
Lamps have a well-established Brand and the light intensity is also sufficient with the Small Type, but the power consumption per unit is 35 w, which consumes considerably.
By the way OEM Front forkBracket sold from PIAA at Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is attached to.
Of course it's bright if you use a total of 70 W, but as of now I have few opportunities to use.
Recommendation for those who are looking for something with luminosity in Small Type, but I will not recommend to people who are assuming to use everyday in commuting or schooling.

I bought a very Reasonable product before, so I got disappointed with two optic axes coming out, so this time I purchased a product of Manufacturer who passed well this time Cutline of the light is not going to be Clearly much It is likely to pass the vehicle inspection

Drive the gravel road galle to Main.
I think I got 20,000 kilos well.
I hear that Absolute is good, but if I also add Cost performance I am determined by Kore.
It is the second purchase & burning.

I thought that I wanted to change from a long time ago, I was sorting out All In One's things and Cheap HID in certain Oakonjo, but I was uneasy in quality and could not put my hands ...
While that was the target for Sale, I thought that it was a reliable Brand purchase.

Installation work was done according to the instructions.
Processing of Rubber cover was necessary, but installation of Valve itself is easy.
Just the Connector part of Valve and Controller is long, the inside of Headlight is gloomy. I mean, I am holding it in Pa Warp Rei.
Controller's handling also fought quite a bit. There is no way inside the Headlight.
After all it is charged in RightCover. That's why the code is long.
Although NAKED is also stated to be compatible, is not it quite limited.

Regarding the brightness, also the LED. I am satisfied..
Well what do you mean.

I was looking for White Valve because the Position lamp which is always lit is White..
Because there is a danger of water flooding, LED searches with ordinary Valve, checked with Tester of Motorcycle supplies shop and chose the most White-like Valve.
Platinum spark bulb which Right Side exchanged for the photo.
Left Side is OEM's Valve.