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HARD LINE menyediakan aksesoris untuk ban dan perlengkapan untuk pemeliharaan rantai. Alat pengukur ketebalan ban dan roller stand dari HARD LINE dapat digunakan secara mudah dan praktis sehingga membantu Anda menyelesaikan pekerjaan Anda dengan cepat.

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When the corner of the Block of OffRoad tire got rounded, I bought it to revive the corner.

Although the height of the Block still remains, the corner is round and it has stopped griping - - But it is a waste to buy a new one - - - It is a tool I would like to Recommendation to.

The shape is "Large Knocked Solder Small Hand" It is like feeling..
It has a blade at the tip and cuts the Lock tie with a heated blade.
This blade is pretty lousy, and it is about that it cuts a plate of iron just at an angle and made it into a blade.
People who can make themselves may think that they can make blades more convenient to use.

When I used it for the first time, it was difficult to grasp hang completely and to cut it well.
Was it not enough time to heat, or the blade was not good? - - It is considerably bigger than I am doing with the image, honestly saying "I have failed - - "I thought. Because I regretted, I bought a grinding stone at Home center, and it became possible to sharpen the blade firmly.

■ Introduction
- Sharpen the blade firmly with a grindstone (The blade is easy to sharpen as it is out of a single body)
- Use after warming thoroughly (About 10 minutes)
- Since the tool also breaks and hot sludge, it is good to do Gloves if possible.

■ Cut's hang
In the beginning, make a blade perpendicular to Block.
Cut by the Image gradually turning the blade outwards from around the point where the cutting edge stuck about 5 mm.
If Rubber's sludge does not work well from Tire, it is safer to cut it off with a finger without forcibly cutting it with a tool (Such as Puncture) I think.
* Rubber Kas is hot so be careful of burns.
* I think it's pretty to use it for OnRoad tire.

Cute Tire is certainly reviving the Grip.
Since the thickness of Block naturally decreases each time Cut is done, if it exceeds too much, it may be Moge per Block.
I think that it depends on the thickness of Cut at a time and the brand of Tire, but I think that it is safe to quit using 1 pc Rear tire twice for example.

If you get used to it, it will be fun enough to pass, so if you feel that Tire is a waste item it is an item you'd like to Recommendation!

It purchases to maintenance of a motorcycle without a center stand.
In addition, although usage is chain cleaning and adjustment, and a wheel cleaning grade, if it is work of this level, it will think or enough now.
Unlike the strong point and a motorcycle stand, a place is not taken.
- Since a wheel is only carried on a roller unlike a center stand and a motorcycle stand, if an engine is started and carried, a wheel can be set on a roller easily [ those weak ].
Although a tire is rotated at the time of demerit and chain maintenance, since it is slanting in side stands, the more it turns a tire, the more a tire position will shift.
A gap will become small, if side stands pinch a pedestal etc. as a measure and a car body is made to stand vertically.
- In the case of an off-road tire, the block of a tire bites and it is in the end.
It does not turn, unless it can enter power fairly.
Therefore, work single hand is not mostly practical quite difficultly.
- Although it is possible to open an axel and to also make a rear tire drive on a roller, since it will slide outside simply if a car body inclines, it is dangerous.