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It is the picture attached to the normal handle of XR230.
It cannot attach, although the bar pad was also purchased.
He repented [ that what was necessary was just to have purchased LONG on a one size, and ].
This place is sold off by Yahoo! Auctions, and is newly Mr. Webike, and is due to purchase LONG.
When it measures, I would like to see it exactly to the place of LONG whose MINI size is newer than the standard on it, although the bar pad purchased the MINI size of ZETA.

If the mounting angle is fixed, if the diameter of the bar is a little thicker ○ Kana, so far as I use it for Helmet's Wire lock, afterwards with Parenthesis

The OEM's Handlebar position was high and I replaced it with Rear Sets, so I did not like the boarding position and exchanged it.
I worried about whether it is Row or Medium, but I did not know how much it would change unless you tried it, so I chose to select Row.
As a result, it became considerably lower than the OEM, the attitude also looked like a slump and it became quite easy.
I can not compare because I do not know other products, paint is also beautiful, Handlebar Brace is also attached, I think that it is worth buying.
However, although Seal? Is affixed to the bar, it is extra because it is necessary to peel off after all.

I installed it in the CB 750.
Besides the price, the quality is not good.
As a countermeasure against vibration, I did not expect it, but is it some enhancement of Handlebar?
It is not well understood.

It is Large effect as Dress-up. The Universal nature of Handlebar is also quite high.
Installation is easy. There is neither looseness nor gap in Gap. I think that it is a conscientious product though it may be safe.
It would be better if the color variations were more abstracted.

Exchange as OEMHandlebar was bent.
The same shape as AX-1 OEM ? Since it is Size, install it without problems.
Handlebar Guard can also be installed, good color and texture.

It was too wide..
I made a little cut at the edge, but it became imaichi like balance.
It was still worse that the original width was wide.
It is my selection mistake.
The product itself is solid.
However, as the finish of the surface was shiny paint, I felt a feeling of mildness.

I used it by exchange of Handlebar of KSR 110.
The texture is very good.
I was riding this for a while for a while but I wanted to raise Position a bit more, so I tweaked it with Bar rise kit.
After that we will verify the durability of Anodized.

I did not match pcx! I ordered it by looking at the impule that conformed to pcx, but unfortunately it did not fit. There is no help but I give it up.. To be sorry