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我的哈雷883换上个款油箱盖以后,感觉买上不同了,更加有哈雷范了。质感也很好,现在用上了几天完全没用不协调的地方,我也推荐了身边有883的车友选购这款油箱盖!性价比是真的高,以后我的车需要其他的配件我都会在webike上购买。 After I changed the tank cover to my Harley 883, I felt that I had bought it differently, and there was more Harley Fan. The texture is also very good. Now I have used it for a few days and it is completely useless. I also recommend the 883 car rider around to buy this fuel tank cap! The price/performance ratio is really high. I will buy other accessories on the webike in the future.(translated by Google Translator)

HarleyFXDFXDWG made in 1999 We use it every time when Primary Chain Oil of DYNA WIDE GLIDE is exchanged. There is no Oil leakage in use at all, and as expected it is OEM Product. I trust you. However, it is appreciated if the price is a bit cheaper. So Cospa made four ☆.

After purchasing barrel 4 silencer, it got to know that this silencer is explosive sound roaring in a net.
Since trouble could not be made to you in the neighborhood, this restrictor low noise was also purchased.
Attachment removes three hexagon head bolts which are fixing the parts at the tip of a silencer first.
Next, although the normal parts exchanged for a restrictor low noise are drawn out, parts are drawn out, removing a gasket by a slotted screwdriver, since it is being fixed by the liquid gasket.
The rest sets a restrictor low noise and is only fixing with a bolt.
Product number which sells recommendation also by Webike: They are 40621 permatexes. Probably, it is good to plaster a restrictor low noise with a high-heat-resistance silicon gasket, and to fix.
It can be used also for the exhaust leakage stop at the time of muffler exchange.

It is renewal from BEET's Nasa R.

Because Nasa R was a roaring sound that was too cruel, Barrel 4 thought that it was quite a small volume of sound just by fitting the included Restrictor and was satisfied with Large.

Sound quality is also a one-shot off car It is a high pop plosive sound system common to Silencer outside the company. Privately, RSVSeries 2 Silencer is the best tone quality so I was satisfied.
It is not a feeling that the bass of the Racer system is effective.

Because it is made according to the insertion diameter after regulation, Exhaust pipe is not worth replacing.
FMF and Down Exhaust Systemetc where the Joint part is thickened. I think that it is effective as a leather suit until changing to the Full Exhaust System of w

It is Rider who is a student of xr 50

NORMAL to xr 50
For Gold
With the first full exhaust system of my life
Try not to compromise
Off I got taught from an old car corps corps
I purchased DeltaExhaust System!
On Youtube, it's quite bassier than listening
It will be Sound which can not be considered as 50 cc!
Restrictor? Baffle?
There is enough volume even if you do not remove it,
Rather, it is a bomb sound w
I'd like to attach the DeltaExhaust System to my next car ♪

I chose Delta 4SSilencer to be regulated volume Certified by JMCA. And it sounds nice but neighbors are not annoying Level. Engine hangs up Tension goes up? Exhaust sound. I have installed a lot and I have not run much, but Torque has not lost sense. Just by sound, it changes to NORMAL completely, so it will be fun.

Installation is easy, but Silencer seemed to hit Side cover.
Although I saw the other person's imprint when I saw it, we did not process it especially because it was not hit by Limit.
The sound quality is the sound of the Large finger because it clears the JMCA standard.

Performance is satisfied with the feeling that the upper part improved from the middle rotation region at the same time with Torque head pipe.
Sound sounds good, Gentle feeling Large tight sound.
For those who do not want to see it in the sightseeing spot with white eyes it is a good Exhaust System.
But it is unsatisfactory personally.