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Hart & Huntington merupakan studio tato yang terletak di Las Vegas. Merchandise dengan desain khas Hart & Huntington memiliki banyak penggemar di berbagai bidang mulai dari olahraga ekstrim seperti tim balap SX, skating, selancar, BMX hingga industri musik.

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Ulasan Produk Hart&Huntington

Actually I was expecting muffling performance, although it was loudly ordinary though, it was warranted as if it is good from Cool!
Would it be nice if we could reach Up a bit more if possible

First, it is expensive. Although it is
, there is worth of that. The
exhaust port is also small good touch!!

sound is mild touch. interference -- nothing -- vv

Since the Manufacturer was pleased with the Design although it did not know, it did
purchase of. It is a Type which
Clear portion also sticks.

In order to take out individuality, it dared to have purchased only by the Design. Since the whole
Clear outer frame is stuck, it can use also for crack prevention.

[ -- the Webike Monitor ]
-- that which the way which existed says although you may not be.
SPI Logo does not stick. It is disappointed only there.

"After all, attachment was easy, although I thought that the muffler is cool in a center or 2 and the chamber of 2 was chosen. However, the bottom is completely lost and it became hard to ride awfully. As it is 50cc, using two on the character of a chamber have only a demerit. Although it may become somehow according to the setting of a carburetor, it is quite hard to move only by attaching as it is. Well, since only the appearance was good, it is three stars."

Although you may not be, it is that which the way which existed says.
SPI Logo does not stick.
It is disappointing only there.

It was surprised for it to be quite light. An authentic positive one takes out one and I think individually that it is lighter. I wished to attach
tomorrow and to carry out Setting appearance.