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I installed it in Intruder Classic 400. I am attaching KIJIMA's Saddlebag Support, but I could not install with Bolt attached to this Back rest. I need to buy a long Bolt for a while.
The installation by one person is quite lately strange.
It is quite hard to install, it does not do, it is quite persevering.
Although it is about goods, although it seems that Gold giant stick of the part of Backrest pretty thin in the image, it actually looked, but the place of Backrest is quite thick, there is no feeling to break.

It is installed in ELIMINATOR 250V which does not select at all when exhaust system is exchanged with new article from now.

There is not much difficulties with regard to installation.
Exhaust pipe and engine, Silencer Holder removed, the exhaust system will come off.
As a precaution, when you order Gasket outside the company such as KITACO at the same time, if you prepare with KITACO only with XK - 05 etc., Gasket will not attach to SIDE 's Exhaust System.
Looking at conformance, Quantity : 2pc. Set It is necessary, but this is used for Manifold of Exhaust which is attached to the Front and another part to the Engine, so it is necessary to have a Gasket for the intermediate joint part when replacing the Exhaust System. If you buy K-PIT's K-04 by looking at the OEM's Parts List Large is durable.

Because the sound is Elimi which is not originally like American, De Fault is not a bass doodo dogo but a high-pitched sound.
This item is hard to understand because no sound is recorded on certain movie sites etc, but it is a feeling that Drag pipe etc made by ER which does not customize Inner silencer is close.

There is no Instruction Manual but the position of the OEMBolt used for fixing the Exhaust System is only on the paper of WhiteBlack printing, but the work itself is easy if it fails with the provision Torque and Gasket.
Although I do not understand a part, I called a Manufacturer, but the correspondence was very polite.

I attached it to the Large type Motorcycle
Creating with a feeling like Short Silencer is solid and not cheap
The sound is quite Large, but Idling is a good feeling with a good feeling when turning roundly
I think that it is worth more than the price

I was confused by the muffler gasket I received for a Honda Shadow? In addition, most reviews I had read mentioned re-jetting of the carburetor was necessary so I had my Yamaha dealer install. The Dealer said I'd be better retaining the Yamaha muffler gasket (if in good shape) because it is much harder (stronger) than the Honda gasket, however the Honda gasket could be used because it is the correct size. They replaced the Mikuni Main Jet (110). with a Mikuni Main Jet (115-part# KN100604115), Pilot Jet (part# 22F-1414220-00) and added a 3mm washer. Total Parts cost under $10.00 but Total Labor over $200 so do it yourself if your mechanically talented. The pipes installed were still cheaper than the other two on the market that I've seen. The baffles are still quite loud and I can't imagine being legal with them removed!

It is troublesome to install but can not it be help?
For installation it may be necessary to modify the Guard with various Rose.
However, satisfaction may be high

REBEL (Manufactured by 1996) Mounting on.
Buy Tail box because it wanted Rear Carrier, so purchase (There are no other options).
As expected, installing Backrest will interfere with Box.
So, I bought an L-shaped Gold material plate at the DIY shop and installed the Backrest Offset.

There was no use of Color that was attached.
Moreover, it can not be installed as it is, and it is necessary to forcibly widen or narrow the Bracket part.
Although there is a manual, "is there" I can not see it well, I can not say enough explanation.
Well, let's assume that it is not something that you do not know how to install even if you do not need it.

As a substitute for the repair of MORIWAKI which was attached to CB 400 V ?, I purchased it with playing half.
Even if Baffle is on, there will be a nasty sound.
It is cruel to compare with high-ranking Manufacturer's Silencer for drift, but this will be a fun Arrangement with this.
It is compatible with CB's VTEC and I think that I can enjoy more changes in change when I switch.
Also, removing Baffle turned out to be a very effective bass sound, it never became a vulgar gargorous sound. The feeling that the surrounding air gets numb with just blowing here as well, it will be a lively and stretchy sound that you can hear with Circuit, but because of that volume you can not run on the public roads ...

Feeling look inside diameter etc etc. Although it seemed that there was no difference between MORIWAKI and Large, I felt the weight loss of Torque in the high revolution range. It is setting again.
I was singing with Stainless Steel, but the SilencerOutlet section rusted a little.

It is cheap, it is a wonderful carrier that does not damage the shape of Motorcycle Body, and also functions properly as a carrier.
If raising the point that is the only concern, is it like that Backrest Pad is just like a tear-away?
However, I think that it is OK to do as long as it does not matter.
This Recommendation.