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It is exactly the same as the attached Ring.
As long as this is installed, the Accelerator HARLEY-DAVIDSON FXCW 1584 ROCKER can also be used easily with multiple models and is convenient.

I had a Throttle Locker, but on a long distance highway, the Right hand got sore from getting hurt.
So, I bought it.
I actually thought about using it, but on Long's highway, Large will be active.
Right hand is free, so Right hands no longer hurt.
The downside is that you can not fine-tune the speed range you want to fix.
Also, I do not feel the texture too high, I feel it is expensive because it is a Small one.

I tried it for high speed cruise, but the speed gradually decreases with vibration and Gap of highway etc. w
I think that it is different depending on the car type and Handlebar Grip, but I think whether it is necessary to take some measures.
For light grasping it will reduce fatigue of the wrist so that it can be attached in a condition to attach Large durable w

I bought it when I returned home 700 kilometers on a highway. Previously from the last stage Right wrist pain was found, but I was released from pain because I can do wrist stretch even during driving. At first I was slightly confused when I returned Axel, but soon I got used to it. I can not give it anymore.

Large single cylinder Motorcycle (+ B Lock tie ya) As I was riding in the long distance on the highway I was exhausting the Right hand with vibration, but it became difficult to get tired after attaching Throttle assist.
It is a recommendation for a single cylinder motorcycle rider.

You can taste Auto sensation by Analogical usage, but since Throttle does not return, turn on Axel / OFF
Attention required. I think that it is better to divide it for use on a highway to the last.

CBR1000RR (Model 2013) I am using it.
It's easy to wear and Style is not broken.
As for the performance, if you let go of your hand, it gradually becomes a little.
However, I can relieve Right hands to some extent so I feel much less fatigue.
I am using it even outside high-speed, but I wonder if I am a little used to it..

I used it at high speed. Right hand with numbness It functions sufficiently in the sense of resting a hand a little. Since it is only Analog to the last
Be careful as Speed ??goes out more than I expected. It is dangerous in Situation that ONOFF Axel in the lower road It would be better to quit.