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The appearance became cool.
Easy to install, but the inside Bolt is easy to fall so be careful.
It is best that it is Reasonable a little more.

Tracer 900 GT 's Side Stand seems to be common with MT - 09, I think that it is over - inclined in Tracer 900 GT with a high car height.
In unpaved places such as Camping place, Side Stand was unstable and was using a backpack plate.
These issues were solved with this part.
I'm satisfied.

By attaching to the 2017 model S1000RR, only the key part is replaced from the OEM Tandem seat and attached
There is no particular problem with the installation, the instruction manual is in English, but the pictures are also on it, so it is not so complicated assembly, so assembly to Smooth finished without particular problems.

It is made of Steel? There is a reasonable weight, it is made quite sturdy.
Together I bought the Option Carrier, so I can easily install the Large type TouringBack.
Until now, it has been a hard time to load Bag with fixed Belt handling, or when baggage
It was dramatically improved that the Large fun was coming off.

It is perfect if you understand what is not waterproof afterwards and take measures.

Though it costs a little, it does not slide steadily, it does not slide steadily, it does not open a hole even on a hot day Asphalt without problems, no matter where you go while going out, you do not have to worry about the gravel parking lot and worry about it I could park without it.

I think that it is essential equipment for MT09 which is difficult to load.
Personally because I dislike Tank Bag and RearBOX
It becomes nature and a Side case.
Among them, C - BOW is quite Large likes goods from Design and usability.

C-BOW is fashionable in shape, so even if you remove Case you can see OEM Parts.
The position of Blinker will be changed upon installation, but Bracket is included.

Picture 2
Installation can be locked with Private Key with One-touch.

Picture 3
Because it does not go on Seat in the equipped state, it can be combined with SeatBack.
Width is a bit more than Handlebar, maybe not suitable for people who pass by?

Picture 4
If it is STREETNeo it looks like an OEM.
Besides being leather or resin BOX, places where you can choose your favorite shape.

In Side case, if Case is Soft's thing, driving feeling has little influence.
Who is thinking about the impact on running is not C - BOW one choice.

I am reliable with Engine Pipe as Engine Guard, why are you guarding Guard just above the Engine.
If possible we would like the Guard downward like KIJIMA's Engine Guard.
As Made In GERMANY's Engine Guard translate (there is no Instruction Manual here please enter it.
You can understand the process by looking at the figure.

Well, this Parts will replace three Engine Mounting Bolts and install it, but the accuracy of the parts is sweet, and processing is essential for Right Side.
Right Side is Quantity out of 3 : Since the 2 pc screw hole does not match the Body side, set the hole to 0. It needs to be expanded from 5? To 1?.
But it is made as Engine Guard so it is very hard and requires electric tools.

It was returned as though it was a defective item because the hole was too far off, but the inspection result at Manufacturer is how "Good product". Although you have carefully sent me PDFFile of how to install it, "Pushing up on Right will align the holes" It is written that it is not possible to process without hole because I cut it with File. I also pushed up the processed me, but it was still misaligned, the screw did not enter straight.
The person who inspected is probably the owner of wonderful strength.
In my Z 900 RS Cafe it was a sad situation that the screw hole would inevitably fit and the thread on the Body side could be slightly licked.

As a conclusion, this product can be installed only for those who can process Gold genera.
In addition, despite singing for such a car type exclusively, the commodity which processing is indispensable "Good product" Hecco & Becker that sells it as a company can not be trusted.

Accuracy of the welded joint was poor and it could not be installed.
For inquiries to PLOT of FOR JAPAN MODEL agency, please answer that please process with User.
Although there is anxiety about the strength, in the present situation, I remove the adapter Bolt and forcibly attach it and use it.
There is a case that some processing is required for installation "in the product notice. We recommend purchasing consideration after understanding that it is actually possible story.

Moreover, although it is used in combination with Al Exclusive, only Right Side needs to be installed with considerable force, accuracy is considerably bad. (Carrier's paint has come off)

It was disappointing shopping just because the function called Lock it was good.

Because Motorcycle shop who is kind enough to be ordered items
Receive after ordering and waiting for 1 month. It is easy to install. If I thought that
In the interference problem between individual Tank and Handlebar
Adapter position of several centimeters (Front and rear only) In the sense that it can be selected
Individual installation work always occurs.
Although it was possible to drill with our own Impact Driver and Drill
Who do not have ...

On the top [Color] Clear parts you have in Brett
I could put it in Just size
It is impossible to charge the key as it is ...

While the handle is on the Handlebar side when setting the Bag
Fastener will close on the Seat side, that is, on the opposite side.
Therefore, when holding a package with a handle or Shoulder belt
Things stored in the lid, maybe Wallet or smartphone (Mobile phone) And
The storage part of a pen ... "Upside down" become.
When I noticed this, "Sweet" It was the moment I thought.
It is a pity part although making is Well..

Regarding attachment attached to Tank side
Covering Magnet part before installing
Black parts are dropped in two places. Instant adhesives etc. At Repair (Reinforcement) I have to do.

Handle, change position of Shoulder belt.
Upper surface [Color] When inserting a smartphone or a Brett into the Clear part
If it is made considering charging "Good product" I think.

Just ... It's only for my Motorcycle
Tank fuel filler is Gap from the center
Attachment for centering on Tank Bag
Because it was sold as Well compatible model ...