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Hirayama Sangyo adalah produsen asal Jepang yang memproduksi cover motor berkualitas tinggi dan menggunakan bahan berteknologi paling mutakhir. Cover motor andalannya adalah Techno Cover yang dapat menahan air dengan sangat baik.

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Always fail with Size selection in Motorcycle Cover (Cover is Small Sakuraku Motorcycle protrudes) I have been doing. I chose the 1 Size Large texture from the specified Size of Motorcycle as it is a comfortable Cover. Then it was quite Large and it was too dubbed .... The making of the product itself is solid and it is possible to make a full mark, but only the Size display was a penalty factor. I want you to have it for a long time.

Reasonable weight, guaranteed durability .. second purchase. It is suitable for use with xsr900. The price is a little expensive, but it is satisfactory. It would have been very satisfying if you sold it a little cheaper.

Usability is normal and fixing method is also not easy to use Belt through the Motorcycle, but durability is totally bad and direct sunlight is not hit Apartment's roofed bicycle park is not hit On the inside WaterproofCoating It peels off and it gets rumbled ...

Coating peeled residue gets stuck like a dirt to the Motorcycle and the Tension goes down.

After all Cover is a disposable item, but it is disappointing so far because it was able to use about 2 to 3 years with other products.

This Hirayama Industry Motorcycle Cover is really strong and reliable. It can protect my bike under heavy rain and strong sunshine.

It was good that the making was solid in proportion to the price. Although it is confirmed durability from now, if there is no hindrance to Large, it is planned to purchase this product next time.

Clothing material is very thick. Effectively cover the DL1000. The size is very compact and there is no extra space. If three boxes are added, this jacket cannot be used. Waterproof and windproof

The fabric is also good thick. Just keep Band's lock on Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I wish I could remove it from either side. With my parking lot there is a fence on the mounting side and it can not be locked. Result It does not use it, it keeps with another Band which I used before..

As the performance required for Bike Cover this time.
- Weatherability
- Moisture permeability
- Heat-resisting (So ??that you can apply Cover soon)

The fabric is overwhelmingly thicker than the Nelson Rig Cover that I used before, the protection performance seems to be high. We have not used it yet, so weather resistance, moisture permeability and durability are unknown.
- What I liked
Cover inside does not go up to brushed Material, but it is so soft that it will not scratch it.
Mirror cover attached.
- Points I felt at the beginning of use
Thermal insulation Seat (About 35 cm × 49 cm) Quantity : 1pc. However, if anything, sew it from the beginning or use heat resistant Material etc. Was not it good.
Because it is an expensive item with a fixed price of 30,000 yen.

rain - dust - Moisture etc. I think that Bike Cover can be expected in terms of protecting your car cleanly from. We also expect durability.