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真是帅气十足,非常符合骑车风格,虽然没抢到一代,但是二代也是不错的。风噪抑制的不错。两个镜片和防雾贴配置很丰富。用的来说很不错。帅帅气气的就完事了。我的是KTM390搭配起来也是很好的。头盔也很轻,包裹感也不错,点赞 It's really handsome, very suitable for cycling style, although it didn't grab a generation, but the second generation is also good. Wind noise suppression is good. The two lenses and the anti-fog patch are very versatile. It is very good. Handsome and handsome, it’s all done. My KTM390 is also very good. The helmet is also very light, the package feels good, like translated by google

I use Helmet for Off with GogglesType and ShieldType,
ShieldType (SHOEI HORNET) Because Helmet got old
I decided to make a replacement.
Unlike the old days, various overseas Manufacturers can be obtained easily and cheaply
Because it became it, this time narrowing down to overseas Manufacturer and comparing examination (It was tough budget)

I went up to the candidate, WINS HJC THH 3 Manufacturer
On the budget side [Color] Clear
In case of overseas Manufacturer, there is no SGMark which is the safety standard of Japan
It is not usable in public road. There must be caution when selecting
Focusing on that, WINS and HJC will remain
As a feature of the functions of both companies,
WINS with Sunglasses Sub visor under Visor
HJC says that taking a Visor can use Goggles
As for me either way, which function
Design priority, I chose HJC.

It is an impression that I tried using.
Helmet's sense of fit is similar to ARAI
Usually I purchase L Size with Helmet of L Size and no problem with fitting
The feeling of Hold is perfect, but it may change as you use it
But since we sell Inner Parts in Aftermarket parts
Consumable exchange is possible, it tends to be Option
Chin curtain, Nose guard is Standard Equipment Good's Point.
Also, Helmet's cord is convenient for inserting latch type
I am accustomed to wearing D Ring, but it is still nice to be locked in one shot
I thought about safety, but I think that there is no problem because it is with SGMark.

A little disappointing is that wind does not come in from Air duct than I thought
(Even if it is fully opened) To that extent the wind noise is Large
Is it because HelmetMaterial is Polycarbonate?
I do not plan to install Income or Speaker
I thought how it would be.
Manufacturer, I guess it will be improved in the next Type.
Also, the visibility is narrow for VisorType
Is this a design that allows you to use Goggles, is not it?

Even if Demerit is deducted from the design, functionality that decides
I think Cost performance is high.
Since it is adopted as Yamaha's original helmet,
It is also appreciated that Option Parts can be shared.
(The Smoked visor of Option used Yamaha)

It is hard to compare with the same Size of SHOEI
Some people may not enter
Besides Size is very regret only to be wonderful
After all, I gave it to a person who suffered only once

I fell in love with Design at first sight and purchased it.
There was no distortion I was worried about, my eyes did not get tired.
Since I usually suffered L Size of SHOEI, I purchased L Size this time, but I felt little cheeks a little.
Perhaps it might be exactly right if you think about it.

Purchase with love at first sight!
M Size of OGKCUB was exactly, but it was exactly one size Large texture!
expensive ? ? ?

Looking now, it looks like selling out. Very Parenthesis, but it stands out. (Lol)

Is it about it?. In addition, it is also cooler and more breathable, and it was Just size for me!

Well, it is conspicuous to the rabbit.. (Lol)
But it is Kanaoi kauchoha. In addition to this there is also VenomMODEL
Here is Kanao yeah.. Surprisingly HJC is good.

挺好的,就是商品不包税,ems被税了要计算30%的税费,东西很好,买到自己喜欢的码数比较好,虽然被广州海关税了,但是拿到自己喜欢的产品和码数比任何都重要,头盔真的很好看。赞。推荐中国的朋友购买的话,请不要多买,买一个,包装小一点,减少被税概率,个人经验,钱多不怕税的也可以随便买买买。 Very good, that is, goods do not include tax, ems are taxed to calculate 30% of taxes and fees, things are very good, buy your favorite yardage is better, although the Guangzhou Customs tax, but get their favorite products And the number of yards is more than anything else, the helmet is really good looking. Thumbs up. Recommend Chinese friends to buy, please do not buy more, buy one, smaller packaging, reduce the probability of being taxed, personal experience, money is not afraid of tax can also easily buy buy(translated by Google Translator)