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The orange cover was removed and the bulb here was attached.
It becomes a sharp and is very good touch.

As the condition was good as we processed the Belt contact surface of Pulley kit for Tigera of MFR the other day,
I bought it following this 【MFR Forged Pulley Face 14-Degrees】 We also decided to install it by processing.

It is the purpose and requirement of the last work of Pulley's additional work
? In the contact surface, leave the outer circumference as it is
? The contact surface in the vicinity of the boss makes the slope linear straight up to the boss diameter
? Do not hit the side of Belt by the angle made by Pulley slope and boss joining face
As a result the original angle is 15 ° 14 °.

【MFR Forged Pulley Face 14-Degrees】 Since it was originally 14 °, the diameter of the portion joined to the boss of Pulley face is not equal to the angle and the same as the boss diameter etc.. It shaved until it became.
This will make the entire Pulley face thinner by 1 mm, but there are also reasonably good thicknesses, and there will be strength as well as a forged product - - - -
It is a plan. Even when it was actually cut with a lathe, it was able to clean beautifully unlike the cast material.

Furthermore, in the Pulley face of the MFR Pulley Kit, the boss diameter is 0. It is convex by 5 mm
After processing, this became a play and Mu Bubble Pulley had play in the axial direction.
【MFR Forged Pulley Face 14-Degrees】 So this convex is not so perfect.

There is also a hole in the Pulley kit that can not be fitted with an anti-rotation tool, so you can remove it without using the Impact wrench, so it is also friendly to Crank

For those who want to drop Belt to the boss diameter aiming for starting acceleration performance, I think that it is an additional work that I would like to recommend by all means.

Firstly from the appearance, it was a very good product, very Parenthesis.
The price is firm!

We are satisfied with the price and goods!
Thank you.

This time I bought it with Seat heat prevention.
Unfortunately, this time I feel a little disappointed
the reason
1. Fixation is bad (Only cover) It will be gapped soon.
2. Since there is no fixed Belt, Cover gaps when it moves
3. Belt is included with everything you purchased so far (It was installed from the beginning)
Rubber-like Band (Squeezing Type) There is, but there is no effect

I think that it is good if fixed Band is available if possible, but I would like you to consider it

Unfortunately this time evaluation (Impre) ☆ Three, but the feeling of use of the item on the product is not a question.

I use it by covering what I used with CB from above, but I think that it would be good if it felt that Seat would dig into the inside to cover the entire depth Seat

There is no recommendation, but it is recommended if fixed Band is standard equipment

Commerce Product No 9321.
I used it to extend OEMRear suspension of old and new Dio 110, PCX.
Only this adapter can be + 10 mm.

'07 Used with CYGNUS X.

Distortion is intense in the Sample picture, so I bought it while preparing it ...
The item that arrived is flat to Beauty, rather it is the Level where the KITACO made Wrench is more distorted.
Rather than 46 mm 46. Although it is a size such as 5 mm, since it is 6th Wrench, there is no practical problem.
I tried shivering with Hammer when loosening Nut, but somewhat dented but without Plating peeling,
Demerit by the cheap overall is not felt much.

Considering the frequency of Clutch desorption, I think that this is enough.

There is not one BALI! Stone! Emfaku! At this low price, I can not believe this Quality! Correctly "HIGH QUALITY!" I would like to purchase another one!

CYGNUS 'Wrench has few sales, it was saved because it was in here. Impact was too strong at tightening, but it was easy to manage Torque when it was Wrench.