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HollyEquip khusus menyediakan sparepart dan aksesoris motocross bergaya vintage, seperti sticker, panel samping, spakbor dan masih banyak lagi.

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When removing Gloves, the leather made HalfGloves that I used to use was hard to remove when sweating, but this HalfGloves is not made of leather, but it is easier to remove a string easily by sweating even if it is sweaty.

Design of appearance, I am satisfied with the color tone, but I worry about the durability of the inside Mesh Material and the fact that it can not cut from the seams. I think that it would be nice if we can design such that we can detachable wind guard Inner with hook stop so that we can wear it even in fall winter - - -. Over Pants has a feeling of shabby, not preference. Also, YELLOW CORN does not have Over Pants of M Size.

I was surprised to receive it!
Seal quality like sweets premium. Big Remo Seal is a shabby material. It is surprising that 1000 yen Over. Not waterproof, even if it gets wet in the water I feel full of feeling It is a MotorcycleSticker but for interior w and w

T-Shirt Body is a good looking T-Shirt that you make in a group. I am going to be bothered quickly. Because I was wearing Outdoor Manufacturer's T-Shirt well, I was hoping for a solid thing, so sorry.

About 10 years ago I bought Red color at a certain shop, mainly at the time of rain
I use it when I get a bit chilly after the sunset of spring and autumn.
I think it's a very good Gloves.
This time, we purchase Repeat as Items of Hokkaido Touring.
I think that it is a mistake-free product.

Since I repainted, I peeled Front fork 's SHOWASticker, so I searched by Webike I found a vertical logo sticker of HondaRacer in the 1980' s so I bought it.
Also at that time, SHOWASticker had a black character 's vertical tension so I thought it was good to be Mania ___ ___ 0 : Pair (for Left and Right) Separately stuck.
In terms of Size, if you have two sizes after Large, you would like to purchase for CB and VTR.

As a dumpling rather than a flower, waking up once it gets into hibernation (Maintenance) It is Large strange so I tried to get over with this. I do not say that the hand is particularly large, but it was difficult to put in and take out. Peace Sign is very impossible.

Since the condition of FischerGloves G - 1001 I bought the other day was good, I bought a Short Type G - 5002 this time. When picking up items delivered by Takkyubin, the same as G-1001 leather feels good with texture and then when you try, Size just got familiar with hands. However, the stitch of the middle finger of both hands is twisted clockwise and goes to the fingertips so that it becomes long eyed. It is very disappointing though it is most sensitive on two fingers BreakingTouch.