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As an Oil leakage repair of the air-cooled Motorcycle, I bought it as a combination with Gasket. Select this product that was popular with Net search. It is a nice touch to match the color with Gasket. Oil that I was leaking so far is pittin and stops satisfying. We are expecting durability afterwards!

To be honest, it was not useful at all.
Is my usage bad?
After use, when painting it crowned splendidly.
The paint is messed up. Start over from the beginning.
It was a bit disappointing..

A gap was created when combining the external exhaust system with the external exhaust pipe so I was looking for Aluminum Tape to wind from above the liquid Gasket

It is easier to use this way than the 3 M Aluminum Tape I bought at my neighbor's home center
3M Aluminum Tape has a heatproof temperature of 320 degrees, slightly higher than this item

This item is Double-sided Tape so it's easy to stick to narrow places, it is easy to crimp

If you try to wind 3 M Aluminum Tape in the same way Wrinkle will definitely be on Tape, so it is likely to cause exhaust leakage there

I'd like to expect durability, but I am planning to change it periodically
I would appreciate it if you actually sell for 800 yen

I tried it for the time being, I just used it a bit for packing Cable.

Until actually using it, I did not trust much, but I am surprised to use it, I really self-fuse.
Since there is no glue even if you touch both sides of Tape, it does not sticky or stick to each other.
It is a little hard, but you can also tear it off by hand.

It is a rolled feel, but the adhesion strength is weak compared to Vinite - - - It is like feeling..
Therefore, I think that it is unsuitable for pasting only a little.

Also, since there is only 2 m, it is attention to use a lot.

I think that it is good to use it when putting Cable together for a long time.
When using it for insulation and shutdown, we recommend Vinite.

As Self Fuser Tape stretches, Rubber sticks together.
Therefore, there is no solid stickiness at all.
Moreover, the adhesive force is also strong, and it seems that it will not peel easily easily.
It is saved because it uses it for Wiring of Off-road motorcycle.

It was used for repair of a Muffler.
Since the remains of repair become round understanding although it is only the easy construction stuck so that the damaged portion may be rolled, shortly after not working fairly carefully to stick finely, it is distorted wrinkled and is difficult. It is satisfied so that there may also be no problems, such as a leak, as touch after
use. However, since there is a possibility that die length may become less insufficient considering a price once attachment goes wrong, since the die length of a Tape is short, they are cautions.

It was used for the Chamber and the Silencer portion.
The place and adhesion which were actually used are also solid, and if it is a small hole and a crack grade, it can close satisfactorily. I think that it becomes just before since it winds around the whole Muffler after
, however die length are quite shorter. As an object for repair, user-friendliness is dramatically good.

It is used as an object for cleaning when sticking a Sticker. Although you may degrease by the
Parts cleaner, since applying to the
Cowl has resistance, I am using this time-and-effort-less sheet. There is no fear of a fiber remaining like [ whose
cloth is / like the Body sheet (a fellow like a Wet tissue who wipes sweat and oil of a face or the body) at a male cosmetics Corner / when it wipes with a Tissue ]. After using for
cleaning, it can use also for a car body's becoming dirty as it is, and taking. It was used until now [
] at the time of Sticker attachment to a Screen and a Muffler at the time of attachment of a Tank pad. It is the