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Terima kasih webike indonesia. Barang sudah sampai dan terpasang rapi. Harga murah. Barang bagus. Kualitas oke banget. Terima kasih telah memudahkan belanja accesoris.

barang sesuai deskripsi thanks

护杠到了,也装上去了,外观及安装位都很好,很漂亮,下面我也说下护杠的问题 及建议。 缺点:1、护杠颜色只有铝色的,建议多生产几种颜色,可供选择。 2、装射灯是个大问题,护杠与车身挨得太近了,只能装原车射灯的灯架才能装其它副厂射灯,要不没地方安装,因为其它副厂射灯的卡子根本塞不进去。 3、其他都好,没什么好说的了。 The guardrail has arrived, and it is also installed. The appearance and installation position are very good and very beautiful. I will also talk about the problems and suggestions of the guardrail below. Disadvantages: 1. The color of the guardrail is only aluminum, and it is recommended to produce more colors to choose from. 2. The installation of spotlights is a big problem. The bumper is too close to the body. Only the lamp stands of the original car can be used to install other depot spotlights. Otherwise, there is no place to install them because The clips couldn't fit in at all. 3. Everything else is fine, nothing to say. translated by google translate

Fast delivery from Japan. Good packaging. Practical product for lower riders. The seat height is suitable for rider around 170cm.

As usual a top quality from service from Webike the payment transaction was easy and shipping was fast even though I am on the other side of the world. The item was packaged well and secure. Beware that the manual and fitting instructions are printed in Japanese, so I needed to translate the manual and fitting instructions into English. Once I did the translation the alarm was pretty easy to install. The alarm works well and I am pleased with the alarm. Hopefully my motorcycle will be more secure now it has this alarm installed and it will deter any potential thieves. Please note that I have removed one star from my rating because the manual and fitting instructions were not in English. I would have given five stars if the manual and fitting instructions were written in English.

Very good accessories, which have been installed on the motorcycle at present, are easy to install and practical, very good!

I had invested in a paddle stand to lube the chain on my 2013 NC700S. I thought that if I had tools that could be used for another bike it would be a better investment. In reality it is much better to have the centre stand. It is just way more convenient and having to do this every 800km it es getting well used. Now that I have it I almost never use the paddle stand. Lots of tips online about attaching the two springs.

It is pleasing by very much good touch.