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Hotbodies Racing menawarkan windshield, undertail, hugger, knalpot, lampu sein LED, dan bodywork bahan carbon berkualitas tinggi untuk jenis motor supersport dan street fighter.

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In the image [Color] The setting of Smoke also expected the visibility with the proportion Light smoke feeling, but the item actually received is almost general [Color] Smoke. So-called Black received a tight article. I'm disappointed.

Purchased this Exhaust System as a Short Exhaust System was wanted.
Exhaust System 1 pc weighs about 2 kg, if you change from OEMExhaust System 15 kg ?? it will be lighter by 10 kg or more It's better to walk around.
Exhaust System sound will be awesome volume. It is almost the same as straight pipe !?
As for installation, slightly tighten. So it was somewhat handmade.
If you have the purchased product and tool you can install it.
Since STAND and Exhaust System are in contact, do you need some countermeasures?

While everyone chooses Gold's Rear Sets, I purchase Black × Red here because I do not want to suffer.
I felt it was a correct answer.

We compared this with other companies and chose this product that is less priced.
It is this quality at the price that cuts down 50,000 yen, so I am very satisfied..

It was compatible with OEM, it was a pon attachment.
OEM's Stop-lamp switch can also be used without problems. (This is also one of the reasons I chose this footpeg. ) Since the end of Spring for Switch is long for adjustment, it is necessary to cut with Nipper etc. after adjustment.
Also, with OEM Reserver Hose, the position of the Master cylinder got farther and the Length became insufficient, so I had to replace it with the attached Long hose. Those who can bleed air by myself think that Large is durable.
Fixed Bolt of the attached base plate (Black) Apparently, it seems to be Steel, Rust started to float a while later in use, so I diverted the fixed Bolt of OEM footpeg.

You can choose from 4-position.
A little higher than OEM (About 20 mm) So, it will not be so tight. Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) When trying to match the height of Pedal, my Shift side was not enough for my Position so we removed the LINK on the front side of the Shift rod and turned it a little.

As a general comment, I felt it was a very satisfying product.
Black × Red color scheme, price, texture, any item that satisfies what you want.
If you are looking for 6R footpeg, you can recommend.

I was looking for a quiet and light Exhaust System
Power, Pickupetc. about "You do not have to go below OEM" It is hope of degree
It was the purpose to reduce weight to the last

Texture is pretty good
It is light because it is VERSION of Full titanium
Installation is very easy, twisting or pushing is not required I can tell you the high level of accuracy
Depending on the individual, there may be a case where liquid Gas is applied to the Exhaust pipe, Silencer joint (Even if you paint it is just a little bit, it is enough accuracy with assistance)

Volume, sound quality is slightly bouncy feeling, it is noisy than OEM
Do you mind early in the morning, in the residential area at midnight?
With this I will decrease one OEM same etc. It is better to seek not Brown story, so even I know it, it is a thought of a non Brown individual to the last
As an external exhaust system it will be a quiet category I think that I have finished well with a single, high exhaust temperature and high compression engine, which is difficult to design
It is not a cheesy sound like mildly silenced at Exhaust End
Depending on how you open Axel it is very quiet, so you can control the volume somewhat if you run
, Although OEM is also brave sound, though WR 250 is ,,,

Afterfire that occurs frequently when inserting the external exhaust system in the state where AIS is attached hardly occurs in this Exhaust System
I tried to cancel the AIS quickly and I got the parts, but I will suffer from a good meaning if I do not have AfterFire

Regarding the performance, the top is extended! It will feel comfortable as it is accompanied by a sense of power with the feeling that it is an off-road 250 cc single cylinder?
Actually, the feeling of Torque has been raised below the OEM, too This was surprising

As it is used for purchase, I plan to take out for a while and put it in Manufacturer for replacement of sound deadening material
Where I asked Manufacturer "The fee that will cause deterioration of sound deadening material by all means was 15,000 yen"

Currently, Air cleaner's patties only Cancellation CO adjustment is not a +4 bad feeling, but I will try a little more
I think that you can enjoy enough even without Sub computer

Design here is superb and the product here is very cool.
With Design tailored to OEMMotorcycle, Lime green is the same color as car body
It is cool and cool.
As a function of Fender, I think there is enough length and it is functioning.
However, it is expensive as compared with the feeling of ba LePera, : Price does not change with Carbon's Rear Fender.
Durability etc. Considering other company Material : Carbon is recommended.

Installation is done with the OEM Fender on top,
OEMFender itself seems to float slightly due to the Rear brake line,
Green light will be visible from the side gap,
Is this because the OEMFender is deformed?
It is recommended for those who want to up Green degree.

My Yamaha R25 's complaint is a full exhaustive solution at once.
To be honest, YamahaR 25 is an anarchical high-speed rotation, power-oriented, feeling casual as a usual foot Feelings of sports production and dissatisfied. Especially the Engine characteristic was the most troubling seed. At NORMAL, you can not hope to feel comfortable with city skiing, skysca, town ride so low that you can not compare with Rival's Kawasaki, NINJA 2 Helmet 50R. Hit man appeared, and changed the world, where I wanted to cry out that Sports was a lie on a daily basis.
In contradiction to the horror of Naming called Hit man, well thought Friend Rei.
Unlike the greatest output and explosive sound, flashy appearance and extraordinary AfterExhaust System, unlike the exact AfterExhaust System, it is necessary to run Torque that is indispensable for running on a public road, thick and bold Sound, a high rotation that stretches to Smooth. People who do not know Motorcycle have beautifully organized Style that I think is NORMAL.
After running public road, AfterExhaust System, Hit man who cooked NORMAL's performance well, is a recommended one.

Size dissatisfied with OEMExhaust system of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA (When parking) We had this exhaust system because we had it. Looks, Size feeling is the best!
However, the exhaust sound became very loud. I start playing after I go out on the main road...
It seems that Torque from 0 to 3000 rpm disappears and 8000 to rpm is growing, but it is not confirmed by numerical value.
- If it is NORMAL STAND, it will come in contact and the exhaust system will dent.
- The handling became a little lighter!
- There is no AfterFire Ya!
- The sound is like Ferrari or Ranborghi - ni

note : Engine - Drive system will be impressions with NORMAL, T-REV installed.

Zero launch - - No dissatisfaction.
Low to medium acceleration - - Same as above. I will climb a little steep long uphill slope crossing the mountain without a Stress.
The highest speed is not enough to measure 100, so do not measure it. I will accelerate to Smooth until about 80?.
You can run without the stress in the city.

Each joint is also kitchened and the welding traces are also beautiful.

volume - - I think that it is reasonable Large, including Idling, but I think it is noisy in the residential area at night.

It is attached to Silencer, it comes with Hit man's Seal which understands Manufacturer only, but it is not good.
If you do not paste it, I do not know where Manufacturer is, so I do not have ownership.

Silencer is not a straight structure, it is made to be back pressure by feeling like multistage expansion and I think that it is Emphasis on Torque.