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Produk Baru HOT LAP

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looks awesome, sounds good, is loud but not too loud it makes the bike sound like a much bigger engine. very high quality build and easily modified only spacers and longer bolt needed to work with a wide / fatty rear

First, installation is a simple class of Exhaust System. I think that you can install it without looking at the Instruction Manual. Installation precision is easy because it is quite nice. The joint part of Pipe did not need it but painted liquid packing. OEM's Gasket is not necessary.
The first impression of putting Engine on is quieter than I thought. I am not JMCA, but I think that there is no problem. I feel that running started getting lighter.. I feel that the OEMExhaust System has gone a little.
Since I bought it at Oakushon, I do not know whether it is Instruction Manual nor Catalyzer Included.

Quality very good finishing. Light weight and clean chrome finished. Installation very easy and fast. Tube connection to e muffler required tightening with different clamp as the original ones are smaller. Additional power boost and weight loss which give extra gain in power. Bike sounds smoother and better burst of power required. Also the grap between much more nearer giving more space between the ground and manifold. Best to be used for track or when the bike are lowered.

Although it is written also in the explanatory note, you can install it even with widewheel, but you can not install it unless you bite Color.
Although it can be installed easily in Zoomer of Fender Eliminator, I think that the angle of Silencer will be larger than the image.
Sound is quieter than I thought when Idling.
It is noisy if Clutch and Ayakuri open up Axel.
It seems to be a nuisance to a neighborhood a bit, so I think I will remove it.
Speed ??was about 5 k later than the previous Exhaust System.
Recommendation is for those who place importance on Design.

just love this exhaust.the picture does not do it justice. have a low bass rumble. no problems in installation at all.. .

Since it was worrisome from before, it changed and attached from the YOSHIMURA this time. The
Sound and the growth of high rotation are favorite. The
MONKEY suits a Up Muffler well.

Although it is Muffler maker HOTLAP which is carrying out the Lineup of much Muffler of a Big scooter, the hand is attached also to the small Scooter now. although it is this Muffler Simple -- an Emblem -- dramatically -- offensive ♪ -- again -- sound volume -- HOTLAP -- the very decent low-pitched sound therefore made -- a feeling of possession of the Owner of Address v125 -- it fills. The Muffler here is growth serious consideration of the second half. If the Baffle is attached, acceleration will seldom die.

This is a very nicely made muffler and has a pleasing, deep rumble when the scooter is idling. This muffler system does not include an exhaust gasket, and DOES NOT require a muffler gasket. However, additional parts may be necessary for optimal performance [the muffler was installed simultaneously with a Dobeck TFi Fuel Controller {to reduce the risk of running the motor excessively lean} and had been sealed with Permatex Muffler Sealant where the header pipe meets with the main twin muffler connection]. The main muffler connection, or receiving end of the header pipe, was dented inwards when I first received the exhaust system, and had been corrected by hand prior to installation. It took about two hours to round out the dented pipe. I bought this muffler under the assumption that the tube running diagonally upward was a Reed Valve Assembly connection [used for emission reduction]. However, it is to my understanding that such an exhaust reduction is not a requirement in Japan, and is not present on this muffler unit. The Reed Valve Assembly opening had been capped off at my local service dealership. Overall, I am satisfied with this exhaust system - it worked perfectly on my 2006 Yamaha Morphous [code 1B71], added some extra perk where it\'s needed, and, best of all, makes my ride sound monstrous!!