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HRC yang merupakan singkatan dari Honda Racing Corporation merupakan perusahaan yang menyediakan segala keperluan dan suku cadang untuk motor racing Honda, mulai dari knalpot, camshaft, sistem bahan bakar, dan masih banyak lagi.

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The HRC Throttle Body Assembly measures the same throat size as standard GROM throttle body. I brought the HRC Throttle Body (Y6B[A]6C11) Assembly (Part Number : H16400K26B91) as it is superior the standard Grom Throttle Body (Y4B[A]GF13). Exchange requires basic tools and skills. Visually, there is different plugs (brass/std.GROM Alu/HRC.GROM) in the idle control passages. Fast idle solenoid valve housing is sealed/isolated? It may have different orifice sizes internally, I have not measured.

For Race so it's not for public roads.

But as it is necessary purchase with Tank at the same time.

Since there is only ON and OFF, Gas ass is concerned.

I would like to see if there is another Cook.
(External patch stuff or w)

It is almost time for such Parts to become necessary.

The good thing about this is that you do not have to worry about key Number.

But is the keyhole shaped differently?

In my case I opened it with the key of the 93 year NSR 50.

It was not possible to enter with the key of Helmet holder I bought with.
(Button got blown away by deterioration)
So if you are worried it might be better to purchase the 11th key at the same time? Slotted screwdriver is likely to open w

Pon attached to Frame of NSR 50!
I've been on the NSR 50 in 1993 but it became underlay of Garage with Large Snow
Because Tank concaved out, I thought about making a plate gratefully for Pate, but buying daily.

The shape is the same as OEM.
There is no part hooking Rear Sets, but I have Fit without problems.

I do not know how long I can buy this Tank.

Also, since the Rubber parts on the bottom of the Tank are attached, it is 4th and 7th that are needed.

my case -- -- is it touch as Massey rather than doing nothing?
The admiration to which exhaust gas, dust, etc. are sticking to be sure is as it is, so that it purchases if I think that it is natural and considering a price the condition of important hay fever is not improved, although it is ...
Now, before purchasing this product, it is a measure of a from, and the disposable mask is carried out under the face mask for protection against the cold.
(Since this is not more stifling) Although I think that there is individual difference, in the direction out of which the condition of the itchiness of nasal mucus and eyes comes especially by change of air temperature (temperature), I think that an effect is unsatisfactory.

It purchases at a special price.

Magic tape did not work for Arai, Nolan, it was not able to use it fixed by Strap,
With SHOEI Z-7, you can secure it with Magic tape firmly in the interior, so even with you holding Glasses in one hand,
I was able to detach Helmet. Both Glasses and Shield have no signs of cloudiness at all.
Helmet is somewhat difficult to take off, as the parts of the nose pad are hard to tightly adjust, the performance is ☆ -1.
It is recommended for GlassesRider of Z-7User.

For GlassesRider, purchase to prevent fogging in Glasses, Shield in winter.
Plastic parts of the nose pad are hard and can not be adjusted to the shape of the nose.
It used to be a soft Gold Parts.
Magic tape fixed to Cheek Pad,
Because it does not stick to the interior of Arai, Nolan at all,
Before using it, it was impossible to install.
Arai, Nolan's User should not buy.