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Hunter menawarkan berbagai parts dengan harga yang terjangkau untuk kustomisasi motor mini hingga skuter.

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Hunter Mini Racing Grip мягкие на ощупь,изготовлены в основном из резины.Они довольно удобны для управления мопедом.Hunter Mini Racing Grip is soft to the touch, made mostly of rubber. They are quite comfortable for driving a moped.(translated by Google Translator)

You had better not buy it absolutely.
Even if you tighten it, you will not be shaky
There is no Instruction Manual.
Washer of Home center, etc. does not match
In the first place, please do not post publications with bad operation site.

Attached to 12vGORILLA. This may be bright! Recommendation absolute number here if NORMAL's pitch dark light and Watt number do not change. I do not understand the durability yet ...

New arrival. I was expecting a year for this item. An excellent product. Fantastic for this price. Very fast delivery time. Thank you very much Webike staff.

These mirrors looks very sleek compared to the original Yamaha SR400 mirrors. Unfortunately one of my mirrors were really poor quality on the edges of the mirror; it had really jagged chrome finish which gave it a rough look. Very nice mirrors but quality assurance could have been much better.

GORILLA's Headlight (12V / 30W / We use it for 30 W). Although I reduced the number of Watt for power saving, it is supposed to be Halogen18W for the time being, but there is not much difference in brightness compared with NORMAL's Valve.
I just started using it, so I do not know how long it will last but I am satisfied personally.

The picture is difficult to understand, the compatible model is written as YB - 1 and when you purchase it is yourself riding YB - 1 four did not fit and opened so you can not return it!

Delivery was quick as expected. the build quality of the mirrors are excellent with premium grade aluminium. it is easy to set with lock washers for the radial stem. no vibrations during the ride and excellent vision when set properly.