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barang kualitas bagus ...packing bagus ....pasang nya gampang

barang bagus tapi ada sedikit kekurangan baut nya agak keras jadi hati hati pasangnya .....

Настоящая металлическая тяжёлая крышка))) Отличного качества! Смотрится очень круто. Встала идеально. В комплекте есть шурупы. Рекомендую! Посылка от Webike как всегда пришла быстро. Отлично упакована. This metal heavy cover))) Excellent quality! It looks very cool. I got up perfectly. There are screws in the kit. I recommend! The package from Webike, as always, arrived quickly. Perfectly packaged. translated by google

4 1/2 STARS. The only reason I cant say 5 Stars is the little cowl trim piece on the back has to come off and does not fit back on. Seriously though that is a very small price to have to pay as this rack fits well and is much more solid than I had any right to expect. I paired this rack with a SW-Motech base plate and a Givi26. Do not waste your time and/or money on those dinky little racks we have all seen if looking for a real rear rack for this bike.

Since what suits last type NC31 (CB400SF) was not easily found even if searched, but the goods which suit by Webike were found, I was allowed to purchase here, although he thought that he would attach a tandem grip to his own car with no problem.
It is the moment of thinking that the Internet-order sales of a motorcycle baht are really convenient.
Now, although it is important goods, I think that the manual about attachment is intelligible, and it can attach to a motorcycle without a problem if the photograph and the figure are also published together and there is a common tool at hand.
It was reputation that it was easy to hold a grip also when a friend actually did a tandem, and in solo touring, when it stood also on a misfortune and GOKE had been carried out, the big power at the time of an influence lifting was demonstrated.

It is good.

Handle up spacer

Since the tandem was sometimes carried out, it attached for the ease of carrying out of operation of it for a person in behind.
Although the tandem grip of hurricane was united with the design shape of the rear cowl at the beauty compared with the thing of the other company, and he thought that it was probably comfortable and being decided, did parenthesizing the attached direction become good delightful miscalculation when checking the state before and behind wearing with the photograph?
Attachment and detachment of a sheet can be performed satisfactorily.
Welding and paint application are solid and structure of a tandem grip has sense of security also in [ the fixed state to a motorcycle is also good and ] reinforcement.
The design which gives reinforcement by this design has improved, so that he thinks that he will suffer troubles.
in addition, since it is different by the object for vario A types, and the object for B types, it does not mistake -- as .
Since he was the vario II, he attached the object for B types.
Incidentally the vendor was here web!ke currently sold at a low price.
(About attachment, it is writing even in the way of the maintenance diary)