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There is a problem with the published photos. Body is posted Large as though the Spare key is Main. We propose to only make the photograph the Spare key which is the original product.
Change Category to Body (Box) When I search for "We do not sell only Spare key" It was written as. Please refrain from publications that would misunderstand User

Its BEAK Gloves, the former model of STEALTH Gloves. They are almost the same except for the logo part. Size M is comfortable enough, a little big. It is well made and the strong part seems to be strong, so I think I can use it for a long time. Still the antislipping of the lever at the finger tip seems to come off, just like the ones of CWK Winter Gloves. I want them to do something with this design and adhesive.

Operativity is good although it is firm structure.

This product from which the Glove has chosen L Size usually was also a cinch in L Size. Although it was used for practice of
OFF, I think whether operativity is good in general. If it gets in a Hard, a Protector [ of the portion of a shell ] ? portion will get wet with sweat, but since it is safe, it is businesslike. Although thin Protector ? is attached to the portion of the finger, it is safer, if this says the avarice which demonstrates a Protection as it is unexpected and a joint portion has a Guard some or other.

"Since the quality of the import glove I bought before was too bad, the domestic manufacturer's one was chosen for paths through a wood. Since it was a motorcycle parts remote district, I bought on the internet without fitting, but it is truly domestic. A magic tape never exfoliates in several uses like the imprt. Although I haven't used so much yet, it looks not too good nor too bad for the moment. I think quality and relief are domestic."

It adapted itself to the hand exactly.
Since it has not failed to get off the ground, he has not been indebted to a protector, but if it fails to get off the ground with asphalt, I will think that it is painful.
off-road one -- necessity -- it is enough.
In addition, since it is very cool by the favor of a mesh, it is good touch summer.

Compared with other S sizes, I think that it is somewhat large.
Since the raw material is using the neoprene, rain is also OK.

Since a wrist will become painful so that it becomes impossible to grasp a clutch if it fits into traffic congestion, whether it can ease purchases with ?.
If it uses, a wrist will be good fixed to KANJI and useless power will not enter in an action of a spring.
If a glove is attached attach [ this ], but one difficulty is mentioned, cloth is sewn between the thumb and an index finger, but since that is thick, become painful.
If a clinch portion is cut, it will become thin and a pain will also be lost, but it is regrettable although it, as it is, expected that he was a famous manufacturer.