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Hyakki merancang dan memproduksi holder smartphone untuk dipasang di motor Anda. Holder smartphone Hyakki tahan air dan dapat mencengkram smartphone Anda dengan kuat sehingga seringkali dipakai oleh banyak rider di seluruh dunia.

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I chose because there was no Gear Position Indicator that was in Panigale because it was not on MONSTER S2.
We also contacted Porter and installed only Extra Processing Not Required and checked and purchased.
Although there was explanation of taking Earth, Red Wiring which is not explained ....
Actually, this is the line that takes the main power supply, since power does not enter unless this is connected, I thought that it was a defective product until I got a reply by contacting Wae Big.
MONSTER S2 was in poor shape of Ignition I was asked to the Dealer that the tank can not be lifted even though RearHinge is attached, but for the time being, I opened it with force.
Wiring work was easy as it opened Tank, but a bit of hang took me to go back to Tank.
Initial setting of GEAR is STAND, it is necessary to insert Rear up to 6th gear and there is no Stopper in cantilevered STAND so be careful.
The display of GEAR is very accurate and satisfied.
Regarding the shape, it is a bit thick and there is room for improvement since there is no other place to install it.

My junior wife asked me to install it by myself as a Motorcycle beginner - I installed it
As we are constantly maintaining the Motorcycle, the installation has been completed for as long as an hour, but for those who are unfamiliar it may be somewhat daunting - - - However, with NINJA 2 Helmet 50 R installed this time, only connecting to the Service Coupler under Seat and then just putting Wiring inside Cowl and Tank.

In a word I went shopping good yuu.

Installation is also easy, it's pretty nice

Because it turns 360 degrees, it faces both vertical and horizontal, so it is good to use for use.

However, although I wanted it from the front, I thought it was a bit expensive but I bought it this time with excitement.

By the way,
DAYTONADAYTONA : Windshield SS installed,
DAYTONADAYTONA : I felt like attaching Multi Mount Bar SC as well.

CBR1000RR (SC57) I am attached to.
I have little Time lag and I think the reaction is pretty fast.
The GEAR setting has hang and the neighboring neighbor used for setting is short.
After the Sprocket and Tire size change, when the display of GEAR goes out of order, it is considerably troublesome to reconfigure it so we plan to extend Grounding Wire to the side of Tank so that it can be taken out right away.

Thanks to this device, we can add using Navigation of about 10,000 yen.
However, since degrees of freedom of angle are low, my own Bracketetc. It is better to install it.
I used it for about 3 years, but there was no water leak.

Although the Fastener RUNNER 125's knob could be taken by three use and it used with the binding band, having made the knob, the RUNNER 125 itself stopped breaking and becoming useful in several more of the months.

Although it is [ wearing ] under check, it equips somehow. Although the water proof effect of
rainy weather is unidentified, probably, uses, such as Google map, should just spread. They are
, therefore setting out also with a sufficient price range. Is the width of the
Holder carrying out standard practice of the 20~30 mm every Manufacturer? Although SV400S was so, doesn't an installation space suit a pure Handle delicately easily? Over
time, if it devises, it will be attached satisfactorily.

It purchases in order to make a cheap Navigation into waterproof specification. The
Navigation considers it as means at the ability to react somehow also in this. Sunlight is reflected, and it sees very much and is hot
however a Navigation portion on top, and daytime.
Since it is this price, is it unavoidable well?